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Will there be ANYONE left in to Govern…

by the time Obama is done naming his picks?  Obama himself comes from the Senate.  He tapped Joe Biden for VP.  Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State.  And now Ken Salazar from Colorado as Secretary of Interior!   I guess the running total is four; I keep thinking of Daschle who used to be a Senator.

Not to mention all the Governors that have been named….Richardson, Napolitano…

And lets not forget my own personal favorite…Rahm Emanuel from the House. 

Anyone else wondering how many elections are going to have to be held as a result???


Interestingly enough I just bought Obama’s book “The Audacity of Hope”.  I’m about 15 pages in, and it’s a pretty good read so far.  I would also recommend Joe Biden’s as well.  I read that about a year ago.

Biden’s Replacement Named…
November 24, 2008, 5:30 pm
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Biden’s former Chief of Staff, Ted Kaufman, will be taking his Senate Seat.  The appointment comes from Delaware’s Governor Ruth Minner.

November 4, 2008, 5:44 pm
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That’s right!  I just cast my vote for Barack Obama-Joe Biden, Mark Warner, and Gerry Connolly.  That’s one more blue vote in the state of Virginia!

I have to say I’m a little disappointed with the process.  No lines, no arguements…just some pesky little kids that support McCain.  I told them to “GET AWAY FROM ME!”  I was all riled up and ready for the fight…but hey…


Election Night Hot Spots…

What’s up with those not so red anymore states?  That seems to be the question on everyone’s minds. 

I live in one of them, Virginia.  I actually just made what I assume is my last volunteer effort for the Obama-Biden/Warner/Connolly tickets today.  A last minute literature drop on doors.  Now this should have been quick and painless.  It’s a door hang and you are out…however I didn’t make it till about 5:30 PM.  UGH!  Have you ever tried to find houses in the dark?  It’s not a good time!  We did manage to finish our packet, and I’m calling it a wrap.  I hope it was enough. 

States to keep an eye on:  Virginia, Georgia, and Indiana.  All will have numbers out early.  All three were thought to be Republican strongholds.  Virignia is showing Barack Obama with about an 8 point lead (depending on your poll), and the other two states are close.  We NEED one to go blue!!  Two would be great!  And three would mean I could pop open a bottle of super cheap champagne, drink a fair amount, go to bed, and then wake up on November 5th with a hangover, but delighted.

So go vote Virginia!  I want my home state to be the first “red state” to be a “blue state” tomorrow night!!!;_ylt=AsFdVlfYWzWQ5oDTJ5uuMuBp24cA

Joe Biden: Deep in “Republican” Territory
November 3, 2008, 9:08 pm
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Apparently Joe Biden has been venturing deep into what has typically been thought of as unwinable for the Democrats.  These areas area rural and midsized communities not thought of as Democratic strong holds.  But Joe Biden has been out stumping hard these last couple of days.  Apparently these areas are pretty receptive to Joe Biden and Barack Obama.  Oh, Joe, say it isn’t so…hahahaha!!

It’s NOT too Late!!

I’m off to do one last Obama-Biden/Warner/Connolly canvas.  Dropping literature, reminding people to vote.  Follow the link below to get involved!  We need you!  If you live in a battleground state, come on…change the world…one vote at a time!

I liked the following video so much, I’ve posted it again!  Watch it!  Then get up off your couch and make some calls or do some canvassing!!

Dishonest John Strikes Again
November 1, 2008, 5:07 pm
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Okay so there has been a lot of grumbling about who gets tax cuts under the Obama Biden tax plan.  Let me make it clear…

If you make up to $250,000 a year (as a family) you will not see a tax increase.

If you make less than $200,000 (as a family) a year you will will get a tax cut.

And incase you are still wondering, most American families make less than 250,000 a year. 

That’s pretty clear to me.  Perhaps John McCain can’t hear well in his old age, and that’s why he’s confused.  I think Sarah Palin is just confused…you know, unable to grasp reality!  But hey, we are talking about the people who want to tax your health care benefits!

Joe Biden: “Are You Joking?” and “Is that a Real Question?”

Go Joe.  I wanted to slap her for you! 

Who the Hell is that lady? 

Isn’t she on the wrong news station??  Did she forget she works for FOX “news” and wander onto the CNN set?

That Beautiful Magical Number: 60

60.  The new 20.  No, not really, but a pretty great number if the Democrats can make it happen.  Imagine it, we get Barack Obama and Joe Biden in the White House…but that’s not all we have for our winners Johnny, we’ve got a clear majority in the Senate.  Sixty seats!  This is where the crowd goes wild!  We also have a growing majority in the House of Representatives.   

Whoo hoo baby.  Good times are coming.

What seats are up for grabs?  How do we get to 60?  I’m glad I asked!  Let me tell you!

Democrats are leading or gaining in…

New Mexico:  Tom Udall leading Steve Pearce in this once held Republican seat

Alaska:  Mark Begich tied up with incumbent Ted I’m a Crook Stevens

Colorado:  Mark Udall beating Bob Schaffer in another open formerly Republican seat

North Carolina:  Kay Hagen is giving incumbent Elizabeth Dole a run for her money.

New Hampshire:  Jeanne Shaheen is giving incumbent John Sununu Hell.

Minnesota:  Al Franken is knocking down incumbent Norm the Worm Coleman

Oregon:  Jeff Merkley has another incumbant in trouble, Gordon Smith

Georgia:  Jim Martin is gaining on Saxby I’m a Real Jackass Chambliss

Kentucky:  Bruce Lunsford gaining on Mitch McConnell is the best place for your personal blog or business site.