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Want to Tee Off…Only if you are White!

The South Carolina Republican State Chair, Katon Dawson, has announced his bid to become the next Chair of the Republican National Committee.  Interestingly enough he belonged to a “whites only” golf club for years.  How long ago did he relinquish his membership?  Uh…two months ago!  When did he begin championing letting “people of color” in?  Uh…three months ago!  His spokesman Rob Godfrey, called this “gotcha” style Washington politics.  Uh, sure, If that’s what you want to call it….

Interestingly enough one of his opponents, Michael Steele, wouldn’t be allowed on the green.  This is a good time.  If this is where the RNC and the Republican Party wants to go…I say let them!  I also say 2010 is looking better and better for the Democrats! 

On a side note, where the Hell do these Republicans get their names?  I thought Saxby Chambliss was bad, now we get to read about Katon Dawson?  And they say my people are elitists…hahahaha


My Message to the President Elect…

Dear President Elect Obama,

GET YOUR ASS TO GEORGIA!!  I say this with all due respect.  You are needed.  Go!  Lead!!  Show this country you know how to fight.  I’m not asking you for a win, I’m asking you to lead.

I’ll admit I’m perplexed by this.  Why are you there?  Why isn’t every single Democrat camped out in the state of Georgia?!?  You the leader of my party, the Democratic Party, and you need to get there by plane, car, or by train – I don’t care just get there.

I don’t buy this is risky politically.  Democrats have not done particularly well in the state of Georgia for the last 10 years.  You did not win the state of Georgia.  We are not talking about a Democrat possibly losing Massachusetts, which could be a little embarrassing.  We are talking Georgia. 

We are also talking about control of the United States Senate.  You are going to need the Senate’s help.  I wouldn’t worry about alienating Saxby Chambliss, he’s going to screw you every chance he gets whether you go campaign for Jim Martin or not…

So I implore you, do what’s right.  Go to Georgia!!  Give Jim Martin a helping hand.



Alyssa…Democrat who Cares…

Dems in Charge and it’s A-Okay

A new poll suggests the American people are fine with Democrats controlling the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives.  Interestingly enough 62% have a favorable view of the Democratic Party.  How did the opposition fair?  Not so well, only 38% have a favorable view of the Republican Party.

Well done boys and girls.

Military and Veterans Start to See Blue

Finally.  This is a phenomenon that I have wondered about for a long long time.  Why and how did the Republican Party get such a boost from the military and our nation’s veterans?  It’s not like more Republicans have served than Democrats, but the military members and veterans kept voting Republican.  It’s almost like they kept expecting the Republican Party to have their back, all the while many of them were screwing them daily. 

I was appalled in 2004 at the attacks on John Kerry and Max Cleland.  Both men served valliantly in Vietnam.  Hell, Max gave three limbs for his county yet the Republican Right questioned his patriotism time and time again.  It galled me greatly to see Saxby I didn’t serve a day Chambliss question Cleland’s ability to stand up for his country.  I kept shouting at the tv, “Hey asshole, he doesn’t have any legs because he ALREADY stood up for his country.”  Or when George “W”here the Hell was I Bush and the Swift Lying Ass Boaters raised questions about John Kerry and his service.  Even more of an irritant was the ever bloating and pill popping Limbaugh making such allegations.  That fat piece of shit avoided the war due to a boil on his ass.  How’s that for irony? 

Now, I’ll never make the claim that you have to serve in the military to prove you are a patriot.  Hell, you can teach, join the Peace Corps, become a police/fire/EMT, or just about anything else to better your country to show your patriotism.  Try exercising your right to vote, now that’s some patriotism!  But, man oh man, do I start getting hot when someone hints I am not a patriot because I question the government or don’t believe the same things they do.  I usually turn and say, “I picked up a gun and served my country asshole, until you do the same, SHUT THE HELL UP!”

I’m thrilled to see the military and other veterans voting for Democratic candidates.  All I can say is, took ya long enough!

Republicans for Obama?

Perhaps the next big group to form??  We’ve got veterans for Obama.  Hispanics for Obama.  Women for Obama.  But REPUBLICANS FOR OBAMA??  Why the Hell not??

Well we all saw Colin Powell take the step towards a new tomorrow.  Then Arne Carlson (former Governor of Minnesota) stepped up.  Then former Massachusetts Governor William Weld.  Next in line…Larry Pressler (former Senator South Dakota). 

In my mind the Repubican Party has become so filled with hate, so polarizing, there is little room for anyone.  I’ll be curious after getting the ass whooping they deserve come November what they decide to do.  Do they continue down the same path that has caused them to lose the Senate, House, and ultimately the White House, or do they reinvent themselves?

Here Piggy Piggy

In case you were wondering that’s my new call for Senator Mitch McConnell!  He seems to like his pork, as do the people of Kentucky!

Now, I’m not going to take a stance on earmarks, or “pork” as Senator McCain likes to call it.  He’s been loudly leading the charge against earmark spending for the last few months.  He’s chastised Senator Obama for the pork he’s brought home to Illinois.  He even goes as far to say that Democrats should be embarrassed about the pork they bring home. 

Now perhaps the Good Senator McCain should have this talk with Senator McConnell?  Eh?  Like I said before, I don’t have a problem with earmarks so to speak, what I do have a real problem with is the hypocracy of the Republican Party.



Congresswoman Bachmann, YOU ARE A LIAR!

That’s right I will say it again for good measure (and because, well it’s fun). 


First of all lets go through the article…”

Despite the way the blogs and the Democratic Party are spinning it, I never called all liberals anti-American, I never questioned Barack Obama’s patriotism, and I never asked for some House Un-American Activities Committee witch hunt into my colleagues in Congress.”

She called into question his values and beliefs.  Calling into question his judgement.  She also called him the most liberal.  Then she goes on to say Anti-American is the point.  So uh…Congresswoman, how about you take your ignorant ass…go to utube…and watch your self say the above statement.  Then she goes on to say she’d love for the press to investigate her House colleagues to see who’s un-American.  I would repeat Congresswoman Bachmann seems to have a very short memory for the stupid things that come out of her mouth. 

So I guess the bottom line is I am calling Congresswoman Bachmann a liar and stupid.  Wow, that felt good.  Intellectual dishonesty will not be tolerated.  We are going to continue to donate to your opposition!  We are going to send you packing!  And look Congresswoman Bachmann…I’ve pasted it below if you are too stupid to use a computer.

And guess what STUPID?!?  We like being liberal.  We are proud to be liberal.  And we’re not going to let filth like you pretend it’s a bad word and sit silently by.   

And apparently you can find anti-Americans on college campuses.  Huh?  I usually find people trying to educate themselves…or drink themselves into a stupor…but that’s just me. 

And guess what else crazy…Liberals LOVE America.  We love it so much we question, criticize, and speak out in hopes we’ll make it better. is the best place for your personal blog or business site.