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We’re In a Recession
December 1, 2008, 1:52 pm
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Uh…no kidding?  I find this to be a little amusing.  Not that we are in a recession, but that it’s been going on since December 2007, most Americans have been feeling the strain since before that, and now we finally admit it’s a recession.

According to Wikipedia, “In macreoeconomics, a recession is a decline in a country’s real gross domestic product (GDP), or negative real economic growth for four or more successive quarters of a year.”

The Bush White House is hoping to focus on the fix rather than the problem.  I’m not sure I disagree.  Although, I’m not sure what their plan really is at this point.  Hell, for how long did the Republicans in office chose to stick their heads the sand hoping if you didn’t see it or speak it, it wasn’t true.  The bailout isn’t working.  Paulson is a disgrace.  And they’re outta there in less than 2 months.

The new President Elect has his work cut out for him.


Worst President?
November 23, 2008, 6:54 pm
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Maybe….certainly not one of our finest if you ask me.  And guess what, it’s my blog so I can say it if I want to! 

Worst Treasury Secretary Ever?  Steve Forbes certainly wasn’t shy about saying Paulson may be the worst Treasury Secretary in modern times.

And hey, isn’t Forbes a big Republican?!

George W. Bush Launches Attack on Women’s Health Care

Well, I donate every year to Planned Parenthood.  I’ll be honest, when I was in school that’s where I went for my birthcontrol.  I’m sure if I’d laid it out to my mom, she would have taken me, but that was one conversation I was NOT going to have!  I still remember those uncomfortable period discussions we had.  And can I just say even though she’d “talked” to me, I had no idea what “it” was when “it” came!  I thought I’d eaten too much chocolate rather than gotten a period for the first time!  No joke.  I just kept tossing the drawers away, until I was out and had to just come clean.  Ha ha ha.  Those were funny times!


Anywhoo…back to the subject at hand… I get a fair share of emails from Planned Parenthood, and I wanted to share the most recent one.  Take the time to click the link below.  Let George W. Bush we’re tired of his failed policies and we’d like him to leave our health care options up to us and our doctors!  Let him know, we’re not going away quietly, even though we wish he would!



Dear Alyssa,


You just can’t trust them.


This summer, the Bush administration tried to keep secret a proposed federal regulation that would allow health care providers to redefine abortion to include birth control. With your help, we forced Secretary of Health and Human Services Mike Leavitt to make the plans public.


Then the administration submitted the proposed rule for public comments. More than 200,000 people — including more than 90,000 Planned Parenthood supporters like you, and more than 150 members of Congress — immediately called on the Bush administration to withdraw this damaging proposal that could keep millions of people from receiving basic health information and necessary medical care.


The Bush administration promised not to release any new regulations after November 1.


Well, it’s now November 14, and guess what? President Bush is poised to implement this disastrous new policy as soon as next week. Tell the Bush administration: Keep your word. Stop the attack on women’s health.  Speak up now!!


Less than two weeks ago, the American people voted to move past the Bush administration’s policies that have done so much harm to women, men, and families in need of comprehensive reproductive health care. In elections at local, state and federal levels — including the election of a pro-choice president, Barack Obama, and the defeat of three dangerous anti-choice ballot initiatives in California, Colorado, and South Dakota — the American people spoke out loudly for new policies that put the needs and rights of patients first. It’s outrageous that President Bush is using his last days in office to implement a rule that would limit the rights of patients to receive complete and accurate reproductive health information.


This new rule could allow almost 600,000 health care entities that receive federal funding to redefine abortion to include the most common forms of birth controland then refuse to provide these basic services. For any health provider to intentionally withhold information about widely embraced treatment options from a patient — for any health condition — is absolutely unconscionable under any circumstances. The federal government has no business funding providers who do not abide by this most fundamental standard of care.


A woman’s ability to manage her own health care is at risk of being compromised by politics and ideology if this regulation goes into effect. We need you to speak out now, before the administration implements this rule. The exam room is no place to play political games. Click here to speak out now.


With the economy in such bad shape, more and more people are being locked out from receiving complete medical care. This is the worst possible time to undermine patients’ ability to access the comprehensive health care they so desperately need. This proposed rule will force women and families who already have limited health care access to pay a dreadful price for the administration’s anti-choice ideology. Please, tell President Bush: Keep your word. Stop the attack on women’s health.


Thank you so much for your help today on behalf of the millions of people Planned Parenthood health centers serve.






Cecile Richards, President

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

President Bush: Regrets and a Book
November 11, 2008, 9:11 pm
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I could have such a good time with this one, but I’ll leave it at this…

If he writes about his screw ups and regrets…how many books will he have to write to cover all of it?

Military and Veterans Start to See Blue

Finally.  This is a phenomenon that I have wondered about for a long long time.  Why and how did the Republican Party get such a boost from the military and our nation’s veterans?  It’s not like more Republicans have served than Democrats, but the military members and veterans kept voting Republican.  It’s almost like they kept expecting the Republican Party to have their back, all the while many of them were screwing them daily. 

I was appalled in 2004 at the attacks on John Kerry and Max Cleland.  Both men served valliantly in Vietnam.  Hell, Max gave three limbs for his county yet the Republican Right questioned his patriotism time and time again.  It galled me greatly to see Saxby I didn’t serve a day Chambliss question Cleland’s ability to stand up for his country.  I kept shouting at the tv, “Hey asshole, he doesn’t have any legs because he ALREADY stood up for his country.”  Or when George “W”here the Hell was I Bush and the Swift Lying Ass Boaters raised questions about John Kerry and his service.  Even more of an irritant was the ever bloating and pill popping Limbaugh making such allegations.  That fat piece of shit avoided the war due to a boil on his ass.  How’s that for irony? 

Now, I’ll never make the claim that you have to serve in the military to prove you are a patriot.  Hell, you can teach, join the Peace Corps, become a police/fire/EMT, or just about anything else to better your country to show your patriotism.  Try exercising your right to vote, now that’s some patriotism!  But, man oh man, do I start getting hot when someone hints I am not a patriot because I question the government or don’t believe the same things they do.  I usually turn and say, “I picked up a gun and served my country asshole, until you do the same, SHUT THE HELL UP!”

I’m thrilled to see the military and other veterans voting for Democratic candidates.  All I can say is, took ya long enough!

Is Senator Hatch Confused…or Just a Moron?

Apparently Orrin Hatch (Republican Utah Senator) is alleging that the United States will lose its stature with the world if Barack Obama is elected president. 

Hmmm…you mean we lost our stature when George W. Bush was elected?  Or how the world views us could be worse if John McCain and Sarah Classless Palin were elected?  I think Senator Hatch needs to take a good look around and see if he’s lucid or delusional. 

His only lucid moment was when he admits that the middle class mean nothing to the Republican Party, except as a sound bite.

McCain Losing Ground in Ohio and Florida…
October 28, 2008, 8:01 pm
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BUMMER!!  Not really. 

Obama is gaining strength in both states.

I wondered in 2004 how Ohio and Florida went for George W. Bush.  Did Floridians wake up and think awe what the Hell, he’ll just do what he did in 2000 and steal our votes so we’ll save him some trouble and just vote for him?  As for Ohio, how many jobs will that state have to lose before they vote Blue?  According to the polls they too have apparently had enough! is the best place for your personal blog or business site.