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McCain on Palin…

John McCain’s response to if he would support Governor Sarah Palin if she runs for President in 2012, “I can’t say something like that. We’ve got some great other young governors. I think you’re going to see the governors assume a greater leadership role in our Republican Party.”

He then went on to mention Tim Pawlenty, Governor of Minnesota,  and Jon Huntsman, Governor of Utah.

I’d like to give my own interpretation of this….”Would I vote for Sarah Palin?  Hell NO!!  Only if pigs fly out of my ass.  Not only is she stupid, she’s not qualified.  I only picked her as a publicity stunt and to energize my right wing Crazy Christian I hate everyone base.  And man, I still lost.  So screw her.  Besides, Caribou Barbie spends too much money on clothes and doesn’t even know which continent Iran is on.  How on earth can she bomb it if she doesn’t know where it’s at?”

I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist.  Actually I’m not a bit sorry.  So there!

RNC has Deep Pockets for Chambliss

The RNC is bankrolling Saxby Chambliss.  Not really surprising considering his reelection may be needed to keep the Democrats from gaining a filibuster proof majority in the Senate. 

Rudy Giuliani has apparently decided to make an appearance fund raising for Chambliss.  I wonder though if Rudy should be fund raising for himself to pay off his own campaign debt, but hey that’s just me.  McCain and Romney have put in appearances as well.

Jim Martin has received some help from Bill Clinton and Al Gore.  I’m still hoping the President Elect will make an appearance or two as well.

Watching the “Right” Eat John McCain..
November 15, 2008, 8:33 pm
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Well…not that I’m not enjoying the Republican Party eat its own, but where will the carnage end?  I guess though as long as they keep going after each other they’ll leave my people alone!!

McCain says Chambliss ad “worse than disgraceful, it’s reprehensible.”
November 12, 2008, 9:06 pm
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Then heads to Georgia to campaign for him! 

McCain apparently didn’t like the ad Saxby I’m a douche bag Chambliss ran against Max Cleland in 2002.  Cleland as we all know is a triple amputee from the Vietnam War whose courage and ability to lead.  However now McSame he is headed south to Georgia to stump for him.

By the way, if you are Georgia voter, ask Saxby about that body armor for our men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan!  Then head to the polls and vote for Jim Martin!!

Where Does the Republican Party Go From Here?

Well…to Hell in a hand basket if they don’t change their ways!  Hahahahaha.  Okay, okay.  I’m not being a very gracious winner I know.  I’m not sure after the shenanigans this election they deserve anything except what they got.

I’m grateful to see the Anti-American, real American, and all that other crap didn’t work for them this election.  If anything it completely backfired.  Think about it.  What was John McCain’s message?  I’m a war hero.  Well, okay, I’ll give you that, but remember in 2004 the Republican Party lead by George W. Bush and Karl Rove proved that didn’t mean anything.  The attacks on Senator Kerry pretty much said, we don’t give a shit about your service.  So why would anyone think that McCain could get away with running on that alone?  What was his message?  He offered little to no solution on any of the issues America is facing.  All he had was scare tactics.

In addition, Sarah Palin had no message.  What did that lady say?  She rarely strung together complete sentences.  And when she did, she was launching personal attacks on Barack Obama or claiming to be in “real” America.  She had NO experience to speak of.  She had a pregnant unwed teenage daughter, and it’s hard to advocate abstinence only and morality with all that going on.  And before you get your panties in a bundle, I’m not attacking her for the teenage daughter or the daughter.  I honestly could care less.  However the hypocrisy of it all does stick in my craw.

Another casualty of their own attack ads was Elizabeth Dole.  She didn’t run on her experience.  She didn’t run on her leadership in the American Red Cross.  When the race got tight, she got desperate and stupid and ran a bunch of personal attack ads on her opponent.  She didn’t offer sensible solutions and leadership, she went with hate and fear and Godless crap attack ads.  I can’t say I’ve ever been more disappointed with a Senator.  I had real respect for her, and man on man did she completely lose it.  I’m sure she doesn’t care, but apparently the good people of North Carolina weren’t impressed either.

The question is where do they go from here?  From where I’ve been sitting they’ve got a huge tent and a very small door.  If that door continues to shrink, no one will be able to get in.  And why would they want to?  They have been preaching hate and fear for nearly a decade and it’s finallly caught up with them.  Until they rid themselves of the crazy that has hijacked their party I don’t see much improving.

In addition, they have claimed for years to be the party of less government, however we have the largest government ever!  And it seems when it comes to less government, we are only talking regulation of big business.  When it comes to my body, my religion, or my bedroom they want to regulate the hell out of me.

Tolerance.  Humility.  Acceptance.  Those are three words they just can’t seem to grasp.

Who Pays $273,000 on Household Help? John McCain!
November 3, 2008, 10:28 pm
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These ads crack me up!  No wonder McCain wants to cement those tax cuts for the super wealthy!!

Is Senator Hatch Confused…or Just a Moron?

Apparently Orrin Hatch (Republican Utah Senator) is alleging that the United States will lose its stature with the world if Barack Obama is elected president. 

Hmmm…you mean we lost our stature when George W. Bush was elected?  Or how the world views us could be worse if John McCain and Sarah Classless Palin were elected?  I think Senator Hatch needs to take a good look around and see if he’s lucid or delusional. 

His only lucid moment was when he admits that the middle class mean nothing to the Republican Party, except as a sound bite. is the best place for your personal blog or business site.