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Anyone Ready for 2010?
November 25, 2008, 11:04 pm
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I’m not sure I am.  I feel like this election is never going to end.  I figure my family has been campaigning actively or working on campaigns since May of 2007, and won’t be done for another 2 weeks…atleast!  Ugh.  So when I hear someone mention the upcoming elections in 2009, 2010, or God forbid 2012, I cringe more than just a little.

However, I came across a pretty interesting article about Senate races to watch in 2010.  Hey, I’ll admit, anything that gets me to a 60 seat Democratic Majority is of great interest to me!  What I found particularly interesting was the idea that Tom Tancredo may run for Senate in Colorado. 

I’m just going to come right out and say the guy’s a nut!  Seriously.  I think he may be a little unhinged.  All I think of when I think of former Congressman Tancredo is that crazy ass ad he ran while campaigning for President.  I’ve pasted below for amusement.  If you haven’t seen it before you may wonder if it is an ad or a spoof.  Humorously enough, it’s a real ad!  What’s even funnier than the B Movie scare tactics is the up-lifting Church like music playing in the background. 



Mississippi in Play Now Too???

Who would have thought?  Not I!  Democratic challenger Ronnie Musgrove is giving Roger Wicker a run for his money in the state of Mississippi. 

So we’ve got how many Republican seats in trouble now???  Lets see…Georgia, Kentucky, Alaska, New Hampshire, Virginia, Colorado, New Mexico, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oregon…and now Mississippi.

Who’s next?  Oklahoma?  Maine?  Nebraska?

Obama – Sweeping the Nation, One State at a Time…

Blue states, red state, and purple states…Oh my.  This reminds me of the time I made a political map.  Now my hubby is a big Republican (yeah I know YUCK, but he’s a good guy so I’ll keep him), so I made this map and sent it to him.  I made the entire country blue, except Utah.  When he asked why I’d bothered to leave Utah blue, I told him I didn’t want it and I’d let him have it. 

These are exciting times for me.  I never thought I’d get to see a map as blue as it is (with the exception of the one I made)!! 

Barack Obama has an 8 point lead in Colorado.  I knew they’d come around.  A friend of mine in the state of Colorado has to be pretty happy about that.  Those were her llamas I posted earlier.  Thanks again Teri for the great pics!!  Llamas for Obama, how do you not like that??

Even Indiana is a toss up at this point.  I have to say I’m kind of suprised by that one!!

And have I mentioned that Virginia is going blue this election!  Whoo hoo baby whoo hoo!!!

That Beautiful Magical Number: 60

60.  The new 20.  No, not really, but a pretty great number if the Democrats can make it happen.  Imagine it, we get Barack Obama and Joe Biden in the White House…but that’s not all we have for our winners Johnny, we’ve got a clear majority in the Senate.  Sixty seats!  This is where the crowd goes wild!  We also have a growing majority in the House of Representatives.   

Whoo hoo baby.  Good times are coming.

What seats are up for grabs?  How do we get to 60?  I’m glad I asked!  Let me tell you!

Democrats are leading or gaining in…

New Mexico:  Tom Udall leading Steve Pearce in this once held Republican seat

Alaska:  Mark Begich tied up with incumbent Ted I’m a Crook Stevens

Colorado:  Mark Udall beating Bob Schaffer in another open formerly Republican seat

North Carolina:  Kay Hagen is giving incumbent Elizabeth Dole a run for her money.

New Hampshire:  Jeanne Shaheen is giving incumbent John Sununu Hell.

Minnesota:  Al Franken is knocking down incumbent Norm the Worm Coleman

Oregon:  Jeff Merkley has another incumbant in trouble, Gordon Smith

Georgia:  Jim Martin is gaining on Saxby I’m a Real Jackass Chambliss

Kentucky:  Bruce Lunsford gaining on Mitch McConnell

Another Big Rally for Obama
October 26, 2008, 8:31 pm
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Is it just me or has Obama become bigger than a rock star?  100,000 people came to hear him speak in Colorado.

Llamas for Obama Anyone?? See even the llama knows who to vote for!!

All forms of life in Colorado are out supporting the next Prez!!

All forms of life in Colorado are out supporting the next Prez!!

 A friend of mine in Colorado raises llamas that are smarter than 42% of this country!




Saxby Chambliss…we’re coming to get you!

It looks like the race in Georgia has heated up.  We’re targeting New Hampshire, Minnesota, Colorado, Alaska, Virginia, Oregon, North Carolina, and…..GEORGIA?!?!?!?!?!!?

WOW.  Are we thinking we could hit 60 seats in the Senate.  I sure hope so because I’d really like to tell Joe “I’m a loser” Lieberman where to stick it! is the best place for your personal blog or business site.