Smart Liberal and Female

Joe Biden: “Are You Joking?” and “Is that a Real Question?”

Go Joe.  I wanted to slap her for you! 

Who the Hell is that lady? 

Isn’t she on the wrong news station??  Did she forget she works for FOX “news” and wander onto the CNN set?


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Apparently that is Barbara West. Who wrote those questions?? Bill O’Reilly? Sean Hannity? John McCain?? That was unbelievable. Palin gets asked what newspaper she reads and the Right cries foul…and Biden gets this shit? UGH!!

Comment by smartandfemale

She just got schooled Biden style!!….

All these right wing nuts are just a disgrace to America….
Obama/Biden 08!!

Comment by Patricia

I know. That was nuts! I very much enjoyed the Biden chuckle. I have to say though, I wish he’d been a little rougher on her. She totally deserved it.

Comment by smartandfemale

I was thinking the same exact thing! But I loved Biden’s response! He put her back where she belongs (The crapper)… Maybe she can have Joe the Plumber help her out of it!

Comment by zainab

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