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How Do You Like Me Now?

Uh…I don’t. 

Who am I talking about?  Michael Steele, the RNC Chairman.  Or as I think of him, the jackass that never shuts up.

Every time  I read something about him I think he can’t possibly come off any more idiotic than he already has…but then he always surpasses my wildest expectations!  Thanks Mike, keep it up.

What’s Next From the RNC Chairman Candidates???

Well it’s been a good year for the Republican National Committee…or not.  Hahahaha. 

So I posted earlier about the South Carolina Republican Chair , Katon Dawson, belonging to a whites only golf course, resigned from the course, and then decided to run for the Chair of the RNC.  The whole thing to me seemed like well…not a good idea…but this just gets better and better. 

Chip Saltsman (Tennessee Chair running for RNC chair) sent RNC votiing members the parody CD “We Hate the USA” for Christmas.  The cd included the song…Barack the Magic Negro.  Uh…really?  Yes.  And guess what!?  He’s defending his actions.  Hmm…really?  YES!  hahaha.  It’s funny he claims.  Uh…not really!  Well what is funny is that he thinks he’d be a good national party leader! 

And they wonder why they’ve become the party of hatred and fear.  I can’t say that I wonder one little bit.

See All Black Men are the Same…

Well…according to the headline in Essence by Wendy Wilson…  “Could Michael S. Steele be the Republican Barack?

I want to start by saying I find this to be one of the most ignorant headlines I’ve read in quite a while, and that’s saying a lot considering the road our media goes down!  What on earth do Barack Obama and Michael Steele have in common? 

     1.  They are both men.

     2.  They are both black…or African American…

     3.  They are both politicians…although Barack Obama is a successful politician…Michael Steele, not so much!

     4.  I can’t think of any more…see STUPID HEADLINE!

The article goes on to say few even know who Michael Steele is.  Well…DUH, He lost!  No one remembers the losers!  And if you are from the DC Metro area all you might remember is that Michaeal Steele might like puppies, but he LOVES George Bush!  hahaha.  Those ads were a good time!

The article goes on to say that because he’s running for the Chair of the RNC, he’s the most recognized Black Conservative in the Nation.  HUH?  Again, do that many people (besides political dorks like me) really follow who the Chair of the RNC is?  Uh, I think not!  I’m thinking if you asked for the most recognized black conservative/Republican in the country you’d get Colin Powell, but that’s just me!  Maybe even Condoleeza Rice.  See, the author of this article is stupid.  I wonder if she’s paid by the word and that’s why she added all this garbage! 

The article then goes on to ask Michael S. Steele, as she repeatedly calls him, a myriad of questions.  I could go through his moronic responses and make fun of him too, but that’s like shooting fish in a barrel, so I’ll let him off easy.

Want to Tee Off…Only if you are White!

The South Carolina Republican State Chair, Katon Dawson, has announced his bid to become the next Chair of the Republican National Committee.  Interestingly enough he belonged to a “whites only” golf club for years.  How long ago did he relinquish his membership?  Uh…two months ago!  When did he begin championing letting “people of color” in?  Uh…three months ago!  His spokesman Rob Godfrey, called this “gotcha” style Washington politics.  Uh, sure, If that’s what you want to call it….

Interestingly enough one of his opponents, Michael Steele, wouldn’t be allowed on the green.  This is a good time.  If this is where the RNC and the Republican Party wants to go…I say let them!  I also say 2010 is looking better and better for the Democrats! 

On a side note, where the Hell do these Republicans get their names?  I thought Saxby Chambliss was bad, now we get to read about Katon Dawson?  And they say my people are elitists…hahahaha

Bummer for the RNC…
November 20, 2008, 1:38 pm
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According to a Gallup Poll 61% of Americans think the Republican Party sucks….well not really, they have an “unfavorable” view…but hey that could mean sucks, right?

RNC has Deep Pockets for Chambliss

The RNC is bankrolling Saxby Chambliss.  Not really surprising considering his reelection may be needed to keep the Democrats from gaining a filibuster proof majority in the Senate. 

Rudy Giuliani has apparently decided to make an appearance fund raising for Chambliss.  I wonder though if Rudy should be fund raising for himself to pay off his own campaign debt, but hey that’s just me.  McCain and Romney have put in appearances as well.

Jim Martin has received some help from Bill Clinton and Al Gore.  I’m still hoping the President Elect will make an appearance or two as well.

Sarah is Frugal??

Poor Sarah.  She’s under fire.  Well I will say this.  To be fair, Sarah Palin did not go out and purchase these clothes.  Jeff Larson did.  Then the RNC foot the bill.  Now, this to me is where things get horribly wrong.  This is where the whole thing gets commical.

Sarah Palin is out campaigning that she’s just like you and me.  Well first off, I don’t have a $150,000 wardrobe, and I’m thinking the RNC isn’t going to buy me one…ya never know though I guess.  Sarah and family are apparently worth over $2.1 million.  They also have no credit card debt.  Which is great for them, I’d love to know how they do it.  To be fair though, I’m not worth over $2 million dollars.  I also don’t get to charge the government per diem for staying in my home.

What I find comical is that she is peddling herself as an “Average American” or my favorite “Real American”.  It’s rather intellectually dishonest.  But hey, that’s the Republican way lately, isn’t it? is the best place for your personal blog or business site.