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Whose White House is it???

I can remember a time when you could actually tour the White House.  Hell, I took s, the tour in 1994.  I didn’t need a group of 13, 10, or some other absurd number.  I just requested a tour and gave some personal information-then magically I would show up at the White House and a tour guide would show a group of us around. 

First of all…isn’t the White House the peoples house?  As in you and me…and every other citizen out there?  Second of all…don’t our taxes maintain it?  Now I know the President and his family get to live there, great, but it’s still supposed to be our house! 

This is something I ranted about continually throughout the President Bush (43’s) term-well one of the many things.  And now the guy I voted for isn’t turning out to be any better about this.  What a disappointment.  I got up this morning and my husband was reading me some funny quotes from the White House Correspondent’s Dinner.  And President Obama had some good ones, so I got online to see what else I could find.  Instead I read some crap about LA in DC.  PUKE!  Take a look at what set me off!

So, do I vomit now or later.  It seems every day I read so and so is at the White House.  Tiki Barber, the Chicago Bulls, Toby Keith, Usher-who came to talk about malaria (REALLY WHAT THE FUCK DOES USHER KNOW ABOUT MALARIA???, and Tiger Woods.  Ugh.  Double Ugh.  Then comes the White House’s Correspondent’s Dinner.  I mean really, what the fuck does Natalie Portman have to do with any of that?  Or Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.  Or even better Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.  Ludacris???  I mean really.

Am I the only person toally disgusted that if you are an actor (not even a good one as demonstrated by the Moore and Kutcher entry), a ball player, or a rapper you can get into the White House?!  But if you are a just a tax payer and a good citizen (like me-ha-no I do pay my taxes, although I’m started to question why) you can’t get in unless you ask your Congressman a recommended 6 months in advance and you have a group of 10!

Anyone else see a problem with this?!?

Well Done Mr. President…
December 19, 2008, 10:55 am
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And for once I actually mean  it.  That’s right.  I’m not being sarcastic, snarky, or in anyway deceiving.  I think President George W. Bush has absolutely done the right thing by helping Chrysler and GM.

The President recently approved $17.4 Billion dollars in loans to Chrysler and GM.  The money is coming out of the $700 Wall Street Bailout already passed by Congress.  The first half is spent, and Congress will have to approve the next $350 Billion.  Chrysler and GM will receive 13.4 now, and an additional $4 Billion after Congressional approval. 

The loan terms are for three years if the auto companies show viability.  They have until March 31, 2009 to do so.  If they have not made changes, and can not show viability plans the loans will become due immediately. 

Some changes will have to come from renegotiated labor contracts, but that is being left to the company and the UAW.  The White House, unlike the Senate actually gets this relationship!  The following quote actually made me proud!

“We do not feel it is appropriate for government to dictate the specific terms of negotiations between management and labor or management and dealers or management and creditors,” is a direct quote from a White House official.

National Security Team about to be Unveiled.

It’s like Monday night football…rolling out all the big guns.  Okay, so it’s Monday morning, but whatever!  It’s my blog and I liked it, so I’m going with it.  Here’s a preview of the National Security Team line up…

Roberts Gates will be staying on as Secretary of Defense.  I’m not sure for how long.  I’m hoping for the first year, and then we’ll just have to see how that goes.

Hillary Clinton will be named as Secretary of State.  I think this will be a huge step up from what we’ve had…

Marine Gen. Jim Jones named as the National Security Adviser at the White House.

 Susan Rice named as the United Nations Ambassador.

Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano will be named as the Homeland Security Secretary.

Eric Holder will be named as Attorney General.

It will definitely be interesting to see all these egos coexist!  If Barack Obama can do it, I have high hopes for his Presidency.  Even if he can’t get them to toe the line all the time, it’ll still make for a good read.

Host a: Change is Coming Party!
November 25, 2008, 6:36 pm
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I’ve pasted an email from Team Obama.  I think it looks like a good time.  Check it out. 


This week, President-elect Barack Obama is announcing the key members of his White House economic team who will help him tackle serious challenges and bring the change we need to Washington.

But there’s still a lot of work to be done in communities all across the country — including yours.

On December 13th and 14th, supporters are coming together to reflect on what we’ve accomplished and help plan the future of this movement.

Many of you have already submitted your feedback through our online survey. Our team in Chicago is reviewing an impressive number of detailed responses, and your input will help guide the future of this grassroots movement.

Sign up to host a Change is Coming house meeting and invite your friends, family, and neighbors to attend. 

You’ll receive everything you need to make your meeting a success, including a special DVD our team put together just for these events.

Discuss the issues that are most important to you, what you can do to support Barack’s agenda, and how you can continue to make an impact in your community.

Now is the time to put aside partisanship and politics, find common ground, and work together. Please invite those who might not have been involved in the campaign, even those who might have supported our opponent.

The challenges we face demand we be as inclusive as possible. It’ll take the whole country working together to get our country back on track.

Host a party to celebrate our historic achievement and take the next steps to bring the change our country needs:

Your continued involvement is crucial to the future of this movement.

As Barack said on Election Night, “This victory alone is not the change we seek — it is only the chance for us to make that change.”

The grassroots organization you built to win the election will continue to set our country on a new path.

Thank you for everything you’re doing,


David Plouffe
Campaign Manager
Obama for America

Pick Obama’s Circle…
November 24, 2008, 10:04 pm
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Interesting and fun (well yes it is fun if you are a big political news reading dork like me) tool from CNN.  Check it out.  Not only do you get to fill remaining positions within the new Obama administration, but when you click on the pictures you get a little biography on each one.

Seriously, how is this not a good time???

Dems in Charge and it’s A-Okay

A new poll suggests the American people are fine with Democrats controlling the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives.  Interestingly enough 62% have a favorable view of the Democratic Party.  How did the opposition fair?  Not so well, only 38% have a favorable view of the Republican Party.

Well done boys and girls.

Will it EVER Stop?
November 9, 2008, 11:28 am
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So I pulled this article up about the transition from President Bush to President Elect Obama.  I started as interested in the process and then became disgusted in the wrap up.  Why are people still reporting on the Clinton people trashing the White House?  It was ridiculous then and it’s even more absurd now.  This is the shit I get so sick of!;_ylt=Alh1pfrDz3S0XvHWnk8zSkiyFz4D

Palin 2012…Enough to Make You Want to Puke
October 29, 2008, 8:42 pm
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Okay.  I don’t like the lady.  Not one bit.  And man oh man does it upset me she is a woman!  When I think about her being the first woman to represent us in the White House I truly want to vomit.  YUCK!!!

I almost feel bad for the people in Alaska.  I’m sure they were hoping she’d win and get the Hell out of their state!

That Beautiful Magical Number: 60

60.  The new 20.  No, not really, but a pretty great number if the Democrats can make it happen.  Imagine it, we get Barack Obama and Joe Biden in the White House…but that’s not all we have for our winners Johnny, we’ve got a clear majority in the Senate.  Sixty seats!  This is where the crowd goes wild!  We also have a growing majority in the House of Representatives.   

Whoo hoo baby.  Good times are coming.

What seats are up for grabs?  How do we get to 60?  I’m glad I asked!  Let me tell you!

Democrats are leading or gaining in…

New Mexico:  Tom Udall leading Steve Pearce in this once held Republican seat

Alaska:  Mark Begich tied up with incumbent Ted I’m a Crook Stevens

Colorado:  Mark Udall beating Bob Schaffer in another open formerly Republican seat

North Carolina:  Kay Hagen is giving incumbent Elizabeth Dole a run for her money.

New Hampshire:  Jeanne Shaheen is giving incumbent John Sununu Hell.

Minnesota:  Al Franken is knocking down incumbent Norm the Worm Coleman

Oregon:  Jeff Merkley has another incumbant in trouble, Gordon Smith

Georgia:  Jim Martin is gaining on Saxby I’m a Real Jackass Chambliss

Kentucky:  Bruce Lunsford gaining on Mitch McConnell

Republicans for Obama?

Perhaps the next big group to form??  We’ve got veterans for Obama.  Hispanics for Obama.  Women for Obama.  But REPUBLICANS FOR OBAMA??  Why the Hell not??

Well we all saw Colin Powell take the step towards a new tomorrow.  Then Arne Carlson (former Governor of Minnesota) stepped up.  Then former Massachusetts Governor William Weld.  Next in line…Larry Pressler (former Senator South Dakota). 

In my mind the Repubican Party has become so filled with hate, so polarizing, there is little room for anyone.  I’ll be curious after getting the ass whooping they deserve come November what they decide to do.  Do they continue down the same path that has caused them to lose the Senate, House, and ultimately the White House, or do they reinvent themselves? is the best place for your personal blog or business site.