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UPS Sucks…
November 14, 2008, 7:28 pm
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Okay, I just want to say I hate UPS!  We live in a condo in Northern Virginia, and we used to have no problem with UPS.  However our driver has recently been replaced, and the new guy sucks!  He refuses to leave packages on our door, which apparently according to the UPS customer service representative I spoke to tonight is at his discretion.

So…whenever I have a package that comes UPS I end up driving to their shipping headquarters and picking it up.  Which is annoying.  To top it all off, they are really not the most pleasant people.  After driving 20 minutes to get to them, I always end up waiting while they finish eating or talking amongst eachother!  Then they give you all kinds of attitude when they go to get your package.

Last night I scheduled a pick up for my husband.  His company uses UPS.  F that.  Anyway, I scheduled the pick up, put my package out at 6:00 AM, and poof…got home at 6 PM and the damn package was still here!  So that kinda blows it’s not safe to leave a package theory right in the ass.  Not to mention I had a FedEx package waiting for me.  Man, I am loving me some FedEx. 

So I called.  The first rep I got says, “Driver unable to pick up the package.”  So I ask why.  She says, “I don’t know.”  So I get mad and say, “Unbelievable…that guy is a yutz.”  Apparently she found that offensive because she hung up on me.  BITCH!!  So I call back.  The next rep was nice, but I’m still sitting here waiting for UPS to call me back to see if they can get the package tonight.

If they don’t I’m going to FedEx!  And then I am boycotting UPS.  You should too!  Pfuck UPS!


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Hmmm…. I’m sensing a little bit of anger. I’m a little foggy as to why.
UPS pissed me off awhile ago. USPS instead!

Comment by D

You are right. I guess I got so carried away with why I hate UPS, I didn’t explain clearly how I got here!

First of all, every time I have a UPS package delivered, I end up picking it up. The idiot that delivers to my neighborhood apparently doesn’t think it’s “safe” to leave it on my doorstep, which is absurd. Even if I check leave on doorstep on the slip he leaves he still refuses to leave it. I would like to point out it’s perfectly safe! FedEx and the Post Office do it all the time and I’ve NEVER had a problem!

Then after driving all the way to get it, I encounter some of the most ignorant, belligerent, and rude people you could conjure up!

And the straw that broke the camel’s back? Well I scheduled a pick up last night for today. My husband went to Georgia for 3 days, only to find out once he got there that he had to stay till December 3rd! UGH! That’s a completely different rant…anyway, naturally he didn’t take much so I was sending him extra clothes. However that f-ing driver never picked up the package!

Apparently he said he “couldn’t”. God only knows why now! So then I called, got hung up on. Called back and was told the shipping center would call…except guess what?! Those bastards NEVER called!

So in my mind UPS can eat shit.

Comment by smartandfemale

Hmm…. I’m getting a clearer picture. So what I gather from this is that you want the Brown to eat brown.

Comment by D

An article in an interesting topic. Thanks.

Comment by Przesylki kurierskie Krakow

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