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More Tea Party Bullshit…
September 13, 2009, 9:42 am
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Now some will ask why I’ve chosen to attack this particular group of idiots again, and well there are a few different reasons.

     1.  Because they are stupid,

     2.  Because they get so mad, and

     3.  Well…because it’s fun.


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It would be even more fun if these nuts weren’t able to influence policy.

Comment by Ben Hoffman

girls just wanna have fun, eh?

Comment by sauer kraut

So all the anti-government nut jobs out there that do not want the Governament to take over health care. If the government doesn’t regulate health care who will? The insurance companies have proved that left to their own devices they will treat fewer people and find new and better ways to enhance their cash flow by denying care and well killing those customers unlucky enough to get sick.
To all those Tea party nuts out there that aren’t old enough for that bad old government run health care lets hope that you don’t get sick and run over your million dollar maximum because then well you are screwed. Once you get dropped you will have a hard time finding health care at any price which if you can find it is what you will pay. But after 2014 no more of that bull, no more sky high profits either twenty percent for profit and administration eighty for health care now that is reform.

Comment by D Hovgaard

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