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Sink or Swim for the Big Three?
December 4, 2008, 7:08 pm
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The Big Three Auto CEOs are back in DC.  This time they drove hybrid cars, offered salary cuts, and had some type of plan.  Now, I’m in now way saying what they’ve got is a good plan, but for the moment they appear more desperate than arrogant.

According to a poll by CNN, 61% of Americans oppose a bailout.  I hear ya.  I feel ya.  And on many levels I agree with ya but….lets be real here for a minute.  How many jobs will be lost by those employed by the Big Three?  And how many jobs lost by companies that will go under if the Big Three go under?

I also wonder if this is a more emotion decision for many of us rather than an educated decision.  We keep watching Big Business CEOs rake in big bucks, crap all over workers, and then hold out their hand for our tax money.  I’m not just talking the Automobile Industry…how many investment/banking institutions have come to the government hat in hand?

I’m leaning towards a bailout here I’ll admit, but not without some serious oversight and concessions!


Big Three in the Poor House
December 2, 2008, 7:26 pm
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I read earlier that the Big Three Auto CEOs had finally made some concessions regarding pay.  Now to be fair, the CEO of Chrysler offered to do this last week, however the CEOs of Ford and GM have decided they too could use a pay cut.  Ford CEO Alan Mulally made nearly $25 million last year…of which nearly $22 million was in bonuses.  Now I’m not sure how you make anything in bonuses when your companies sales are in the shitter, but that’s just me!

Chrysler is asking for $7 billion, Ford $9 billion, and GM a whopping $12 billion.  Apparently all three are offering to sell some of their jets.  Ha. 

I say fire your damn CEOs and some other top level managers, get a plan together, and then we’ll talk.

Three Words for the Big Three Auto Execs:
November 24, 2008, 5:48 pm
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In my mind the workers and the unions have already conceded enough.  Enough is enough.  It is time for the upper echelon in Detroit’s auto industry to take a look in the mirror.  Do they really need to make upwards of $20 million a year?  Uh…NO!  Certainly not while they are asking for my damn dime they don’t!

Now do I think we need to bail out GM, Ford, and Chrysler.  Yeah.  Do I think we do it for their CEOs?  NO.  Do we even need those CEOs?  NO NO NO!!!  We do it for the workers.  We do it for hard working Americans like Mike Green’s family.  Many of Mike Green’s family members have been working for GM for a combined total of 300 years.  Ten members of his family work for GM currently.  That my friends is dedication!

I say bail out the Big Three.  Fire the top managers.  Lower the CEO and upper management pay.  Sell those damn jets.  And then keep some living wage jobs with health insurance.

The Corporate American Bailout…
November 22, 2008, 1:58 pm
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I’m not an economist.  I’m not a financial expert.  Hell, I’m not even sure I’m fiscally sound, but this bailout has really gotten me hot.

Everytime someone gets themselves into credit card trouble we are quick to point out they are stupid, irresponsible, and should rot.  All those people buying houses they couldn’t afford, we say screw them.  They couldn’t afford it, they shouldn’t have bought the damn house, and let them rot.  Right?

I’ll admit on some level I agree.  When you are irresponsible, you shouldn’t get a free ride.  I would love to have a house, but unfortunately in my neighborhood they have been far out of my price-range.  Who am I kidding, they weren’t even in the range of the range of my price range…if that makes sense.  So I didn’t buy.  I rent like millions of other schmucks and pay someone else’s mortgage! 

However, like many people in this country I have some credit card debt and student loans.  Wish I didn’t, but I do.  I also have seen what happens when you lose your job, and then your husband loses his job.  Then add a failing economy to the picture and try to find new jobs.  It can get pretty scarey.  Luckily we both found jobs…but if we hadn’t I shudder to think of the outcome. 

I’d love for someone to take care of my debt, but I doubt that’s going to happen. 

So why is it that Americans can lose their homes, be ridiculed over debts, and no one lends them a helping hand?  But when Wallstreet collapses, due to their own mismanagement and greed, the government is supposed to ride in on a white horse bearing gifts of money?  Or when the Big Three Auto Cos falter (again) we should give them a hand?

Wallstreet is still over paying it’s CEOs and upper management and throwing lavish retreats.  The Big Three are flying on their private jets, and think they should get a free payday…

I know my viewpoint is simplistic, but jeez, come on people!

I do not have a problem with the government stepping in if some conditions are met.  That’s right, I said conditions!  You are not getting my hard earned tax dollars for nothing, if I have anything to say about it.  Here’s what I want to see happen:

     1.  Limit bonuses and pay.  If you aren’t making a buck, you shouldn’t be drawing the big bucks.

     2.  Put some “skin in the game”.  I don’t want to be tossing them money without some security.  I also want these corporate giants to understand this is NOT a free ride.

     3.  Require them to show some business plans that are workable.  If they can’t do that, then let them rot.  If I went to the bank for a business loan, they’d want to see my plan.  Why should coporate American not have to comply?  We are talking a lot of money here. 

     4.  I also want to see some real coporate cultural changes.  Times are lean, and we are all adjusting how we spend out money at home.  These corporate greedsters need to understand they are on a beer and weiner budget like the rest of us, while on our dime there will be NO champagne and fillet for them.

Now, I’m sure someone is going to say what I’ve proposed is socialism.  Or they are going to say I’m stupid and have no understanding of the financial markets, and they are probably correct.  So I say fine, call it what you want, I call it common sense 101.  If Warren Buffett can fly coach and he’s making a crap load of money, there is no reason these other assholes should be flying private anything!

Broke Ass Big Three…
November 19, 2008, 6:51 pm
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Fly private jets to ask Congress for a handout.

Apparently one spokesperson from the Big Three stressed security as the reason.  Did I miss something?  Do CEOs really need to fly private jets?  They also stressed other CEOs fly private jets.  I guess my question is, do other failing companies needing a cash infusion from the government fly private? 

GM spokesman whines that “Making a big to-do about this when issues vital to the jobs of millions of Americans are being discussed in Washington is diverting attention away from a critical debate that will determine the future health of the auto industry and the American economy.”  What I think he is missing is his own point….that jobs should be the focus and by continuing down the path of wasteful loses jobs. 

I say sell your jets and keep a worker or two.  I’m not opposed at this point to aiding GM, Chrysler, and Ford.  What I am opposed to is funding companies that can’t seem to accept changes will need to be made.

November 10, 2008, 12:09 pm
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AIG.  First they get $85 BILLION, then they get $38 BILLION, and now they are getting another $40 BILLION!  Apparently the initial $85 BILLION has been reduced to $60 BILLION, but wait the $38 BILLION has been increased to $52.5 BILLION.  leaving the governments total bailout to AIG at a whopping $152.5 BILLION!  I’m not even sure what to say, except WTF!? 

Do they keep changing the amount hoping the average tax payer won’t be able to follow the money trail?  It took me three articles before I could get a handle on how much money AIG was getting.  Here’s the total:  $60 BILLION + $52.5 BILLION + $40 BILLION = $152.5 BILLION!!

I don’t know about all of you, but I’ve had enough.  This is a company that has been completely mismanaged, and then came to the government for a HAND-OUT!  I’ve heard a countless Republicans talk about personal responsibility and the government shouldn’t be doling out the welfare, but when it comes to coporate greed they seem to turn a blind eye. 

Need I mention these bastards have thrown how many parties on the tax payers dollars??  Let them sink like the rest of us!,features,aig-rescue-and-the-goldman-connection-philip-delves-broughton,0,4386282.story

$85 Billion, $440,000 Parties, and $38 Billion More…Oh my
October 9, 2008, 11:23 am
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What more can I say?  Well Hell if this is the road we are going down…then I’d like $50 k to eliminate our debt (car, student loans, and credit cards) and then I’d like another $10 k to go to Disney World.  I think that seems reasonable.  I mean, we’re not even talking spa treatments!

So all Americans should tally up their debt, add a good vacation, and send it off to their representatives and to the Treasury Secretary.  Have at ’em. is the best place for your personal blog or business site.