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Beware of Jim Coleman Toyota in Bethesda, MD
December 4, 2009, 11:35 am
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1. Found a car at Jim Coleman Toyota.

2. Was told that I couldn’t pick up the car because the O2 Sensor part wasn’t in

3. Picked up car on October 28, 2009 and Sean Flemming told us the engine lights (check engine and service engine) were on because it would take a few restarts and running for them to shut off.

4. Called Sean 2 days later to tell him that the light was not going off and that the mirrors didn’t work. It was NEVER disclosed to us the mirrors didn’t work.

5. Called Sean numerous times about lights and mirrors. Didn’t hear back from him.

6. Dealership called about safety and emissions. I told lady on phone that we were concerned about lights and that Sean was not calling us back. She said call Phil Stillman – used car manager.

7. I left message for Phil two times. No return call.

8. Dealership called me again about Tom having a Washington drivers license-I again said I’d been leaving messages for both of them. She said she would give Phil the message.

9. Phil called me on that Wednesday and said he would look into in and call me back. He never did.

10. My husband just took car up to dealership on that Saturday and had them look at light. They said they forgot to reset the light and they did it. They also said someone from sales would come talk to him about mirrors. He waited 2 hours. No one came out. He left. They said someone would call.

11. That Monday car lights still on. I called and left another message for Phil.

12. Then called again and asked for Phil’s boss. I got the new car manager Roy. He tried to sell me a new car. Said someone would call me back.

13. By 2:00 no one had called. I called again. This time spoke to Tim Martin. He apologized and thanked me for my patience. Told me to bring car up. Someone would look at it Monday.

14. I took car up to dealership on 28th. He came out looked at car. Said he would call me by mid week.

15. On Wednesday evening I had not heard from Tim so I sent him a text at 6:36 asking what was going on. He replied at 6:41 “hi getting car back in the am I will call you tomorrow”

16. My husband text him at 11:51

17. He called me at 2:00 to say they had never shut the light off and there was nothing wrong with the car. I asked him, “Then why did they say 2 weeks ago when we brought the car up that they’d shut the light off?” He said, “Well I never got a straight answer about that” He also said, “I’ll call you in a half an hour about the mirrors.” I said “So basically they blew us off when we drove up there and waited two hours?” He had no response except I’ll call you in half an hour.

 18. By 6:03 PM I text him – “I didn’t hear back, is the car ready?”

19. The next morning we still hadn’t heard. So my husband text him again. His response, “have them shortly just waiting on a cost for the mirror switch and labor to see if you want to repair it.”

20. 12/4-Left message for General Manager Brian Smith. He called me back and basically said, sorry that’s too bad. That if the mirrors weren’t cracked they were fine. I informed him I was taking car to mechanic. That I didn’t believe anything his dealership had to say.

So basically we just got taken for a ride, possibly a very expensive one. I more than likely would have bought the car with the mirrors not working, but I do not feel it was honest to not disclose they didn’t work. Plus now you’ve had my car for a week and you are telling me all it was was a light wasn’t turned off??? That took me two trips to Bethesda??? I can’t believe this! It seems like a sitcom show, except when it really happens to you it isn’t funny. I wouldn’t recommend your dealership to anyone!

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