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This one’s for mom…
October 8, 2008, 3:05 pm
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So I asked my mother today what she thought of my blog.  She sat quietly, I could tell she was trying to find the right words.  Exact quote, “You are really out there.”  “A little sarcastic.”  and then “You tell it like it is.”  So I guess that’s mom’s version of a compliment!  haha..sorry mom. 

Not much I can say except, yeah I’m a little sarcastic at times.  And a little angry.  Actually a little more than a little angry! 

So on a lighter note I took my eight year old daughter out campaigning with me this weekend.  We went door to door for the Obama-Biden ticket, Mark Warner, and Gerry Connolly.  I try to take her with me when I do this stuff for a number of reasons but the two main reasons are:  1.  I work all week so I like to do activities together and 2.  I want her to grow up knowing you can make a difference.

So off we went, her on a scooter and me on foot.  We’ve hit about 15 doors before someone finally answers.  A young lady answers her door and says, “I’m leaning McCain because my parents are Republican, but I don’t really know anything and need to get informed.” 

I’m thinking yippee here’s my chance.  So I start listing off my reasons…GI Bill expansion being number one.  John McCain (see mom I didn’t even change his name or add snarky comments here) voted against Senator Webb’s proposal to increase the GI Bill and allow military members to pass it to their families.  I say, “I’m a vet and that’s why it is important to me.”  Well my eight year old who has been sitting quietly on the step looks up and says “You’re not a vet.” 

I’m not even kidding!  I turn and look at her as my temperature is rising and my face is turning red and say, “Hello, was mommy in the US Navy for 4 years?”  My eight year old looks at me completely uninterested and says, “Oh.”  Now I have no idea what the lady at the door is doing because I’m so focused on my child.  I finally look back and go through the rest of my reasons (women’s rights, education, economy, etc.).  As I’m wrapping up my eight year old pipes up again, “All right, all right.  Enough already.  I think she gets it.”

At this point I think my head is going to explode.  I’m quite sure there is steam coming out of my ears.  I quickly wrap it up, hand her the literature, grab the kid, and stalk off.  All the while telling my eight year old she may never get to watch tv again!  I’m sure somehow Hanna Montanna is to blame for this behavior. 

I’m also thinking the lady at the door has to think I am a liar, I clearly have no credibility, my eight year old thinks I should shut up, and she’s definitely voting for McCain now.  Sorry Senators Obama and Biden!

What I’m thinking now is the Obama children are young…I wonder if they too have these funny moments with their children!


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That’s our daughter!

Comment by Butch Lugrod

You have my utmost admiration! If I were younger I would join you. I write Congressmen and Pres. Obama what I think, for what it is worth. Go Girl! You are doing Great!

Comment by Virginia Meek

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