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Pretty Expensive Pittbull…
December 5, 2008, 9:04 pm
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and lets not forget the cost of her lipstick!

I’m absolutely amazed at the cost of outfitting Sarah Palin and crew.  The RNC spent $180,000 on clothing for the Palin family.  Lisa Kline, Palin’s fashion stylist, raked in a cool $55,000.   And apparently the McCain Campaign spent $110,000 on her hair and make-up people.

Now I’m not sure about anyone else, but that’s some pretty spendy hair and make-up.

Mitt Romney…

Now, I want to start by saying I do not agree with most of what Mitt Romney has to say.  I was very disappointed to see him change the pro-choice stance that enabled him to be elected as a Republican in the State of Massachusetts.  However, I have never understood why the right cannibalized him.  As the primary went on I even began to feel sorry for the guy.

I also wondered why Republicans weren’t seeing what I was seeing. Here’s a guy that has a pretty good record fiscally and knows how to run a successful business.  According to the Republican Party, he should be their guy.  Instead they keep picking fiscally “unstable” jerks.  George W. Bush never ran a company successfully in fact he pretty much bankrupted much of what he was involved with.  And look what he did to the country.  Then the primary closes with old man McCain who admits he doesn’t understand the economy.  Then he picks Crazy Palin who can’t even complete a sentence.

Why didn’t he pick Romney?  He’s young.  Attractive (yes for all his conservative crap the guy is attractive).  He’s got a nice family.  He’s successful.  He’s been a moderate before…perhaps he can find his way back to the middle. 

Oh yeah…he’s a Mormon.  I truly believe if he’s been a Protestant or a Catholic he’d have been their guy, and we’d have had a completely different race.  Personally, I could care less about the guy’s religion, but that’s just me. 

I’ll be curious to see if the Right sees right and Mitt Romney is their guy in 2012.

November 4, 2008, 5:44 pm
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That’s right!  I just cast my vote for Barack Obama-Joe Biden, Mark Warner, and Gerry Connolly.  That’s one more blue vote in the state of Virginia!

I have to say I’m a little disappointed with the process.  No lines, no arguements…just some pesky little kids that support McCain.  I told them to “GET AWAY FROM ME!”  I was all riled up and ready for the fight…but hey…


Change: Coming to a Theater Near You

So I just got home from canvassing a neighborhood in Springfield, Virginia.  Today was probably the roughest day I’ve had while out knocking door to door.  First off, hardly anyone was home.  Second of all, I was deep in McCain territory, although I am in “fake Virginia” so go figure.  Third of all, there was a McCain rally just up the road and it had just let out!  UGH!!

So I found a few Obama houses, some had already voted!  YAY!  Then I hit a few houses I was supposed to knock on that McCain Palin yard signs.  I knocked gingerly and waited to see what I was going to get.  They were all pretty nice about it, so that’s good. 

I came to a house with no signs and knocked.  A man came out to tell me what a liar Obama was and this and that.  He went on and on.  So I marked him down as a McCain supporter.  Then he got a little pissey.  So as I walked away he got louder.  I finally turned around and said, “Like it or not, change is coming to a theater near you soon!”  Petty and stupid, yes.  But I gotta say, it made me feel better!!

If you haven’t already, get out there!  Make calls.  Knock on doors!

McCain Can Ask, Doesn’t Mean Virginia Will Deliver!

John McCain was in Newport News, Va asking Virginians to help elect him President of the United States.  Well ask away old man, I’m not sure we’re buying!  Obama is leading Virignia right now with a 6 1/2 point lead. 

I’m on my way to knock on some doors!

McCain Not Helping Republican Candidates Enough…Bummer!
October 29, 2008, 9:19 pm
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No, not really a bummer.  Republicans are complaining John McCain isn’t helping them enough. What?  Should he come to your state and talk about deregulating the financial industry some more?  Or maybe about the tax cuts to the wealthy?  Or perhaps he could campaign on his half ass health care “plan” and how he wans to tax the health care benefits we have?   Or even how he is John McSame – as – Bush?  I’m not sure how he could help.  Well he could help the Democrats more by campaigning with them! 


McCain’s Full of Crap and so is His Campaign!

Apparently the Obama Campaign as well as the McCain Campaign were in Pennsylvania today.  McCain’s political director Mike Duhaime (you may remember him from the failed Giulliani campaign) claims that Democrats are reaching out to other Democrats and leading them to John McCain.  He also alleges that bus loads of Dems came in from New Jersey and New York to see John McCain. 

Well Duhaime, I’m calling your bluff.  I say you are full of shit.  I’m calling you a liar!!  But hey, you seem to be a great loser, so keep on with your big bad self. 

I’m also amused by what the McCain campaign is trying to sell for health care.  Individuals will get a $2,500 tax credit and families will get a $5,000 tax credit to purchase insurance.  Uh, too bad you can’t buy health insurance for that, unless you are talking a simple major med policy, which only covers catastrophes not routine visits or medication.  But whatever, I know you don’t deal in facts now do ya??? 

I also would like to point out the campaign has not been toting they plan on taxing the health insurance you get from your employer.  Jeez guys, that’s great.  Lets give the wealthy more tax cuts and tax the shit out of me. 

That’s right working class middle Americans, John McCain and his fellow Republicans want to tax your health care!  While Barack Obama is talking about middle class tax cuts, John McSame wants to screw you some more!!!

Thanks, but no thanks Senator McCain, I’m going to vote for Obama!!!

McCain Losing Ground in Ohio and Florida…
October 28, 2008, 8:01 pm
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BUMMER!!  Not really. 

Obama is gaining strength in both states.

I wondered in 2004 how Ohio and Florida went for George W. Bush.  Did Floridians wake up and think awe what the Hell, he’ll just do what he did in 2000 and steal our votes so we’ll save him some trouble and just vote for him?  As for Ohio, how many jobs will that state have to lose before they vote Blue?  According to the polls they too have apparently had enough!

Republicans Defend…Montana???

Okay.  Uh.  Wow.  Things must be finally resonating with the Republican Party.  They are putting money into tv ads in Montanna.  What’s next?  Are they going to have to try to defend Georgia, oh wait they already are!  Ha ha ha.  Seriously though is McCain going to have to run ads in Arizona?

Obama Leading by 8 in Virginia!
October 27, 2008, 9:08 pm
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According to the Washington Post Obama’s margin over John McCain is 8 points. 

That’s right baby.  Virginia is trending BLUE!!  I am so proud of my state. is the best place for your personal blog or business site.