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Congresswoman Bachmann YOU ARE A LIAR

Okay.  She’s either a serial liar or on serious drugs.  Congresswoman Crazy Ass Bachmann is again saying she didn’t say what she said she’d apologize for, but never did.

Anyone else confused?  Here’s a highlight. 

1.  She calls on the media to investigate the Anti-American Congressional Members.  Also says Obama is a leftist liberal Anti-American himself. 

2.  Says she didn’t say it.

3.  Then she says she’s going to apologize.

4.  Runs and ad, that’s right an AD instead. 

5.  Never apologizes.

6.  Now claims it’s an urban legend and that it was taken out of context.

You know what I say to that?!  LIAR.  Complete and total LIAR.  And hey, Congresswoman Bachmann…there’s video of you saying it….  So you are either stupid, drugged, or just a LIAR.  Maybe a combination of the three???  I can’t believe Minnesotans would vote for her.  I’m embarassed for you.

Where Does the Republican Party Go From Here?

Well…to Hell in a hand basket if they don’t change their ways!  Hahahahaha.  Okay, okay.  I’m not being a very gracious winner I know.  I’m not sure after the shenanigans this election they deserve anything except what they got.

I’m grateful to see the Anti-American, real American, and all that other crap didn’t work for them this election.  If anything it completely backfired.  Think about it.  What was John McCain’s message?  I’m a war hero.  Well, okay, I’ll give you that, but remember in 2004 the Republican Party lead by George W. Bush and Karl Rove proved that didn’t mean anything.  The attacks on Senator Kerry pretty much said, we don’t give a shit about your service.  So why would anyone think that McCain could get away with running on that alone?  What was his message?  He offered little to no solution on any of the issues America is facing.  All he had was scare tactics.

In addition, Sarah Palin had no message.  What did that lady say?  She rarely strung together complete sentences.  And when she did, she was launching personal attacks on Barack Obama or claiming to be in “real” America.  She had NO experience to speak of.  She had a pregnant unwed teenage daughter, and it’s hard to advocate abstinence only and morality with all that going on.  And before you get your panties in a bundle, I’m not attacking her for the teenage daughter or the daughter.  I honestly could care less.  However the hypocrisy of it all does stick in my craw.

Another casualty of their own attack ads was Elizabeth Dole.  She didn’t run on her experience.  She didn’t run on her leadership in the American Red Cross.  When the race got tight, she got desperate and stupid and ran a bunch of personal attack ads on her opponent.  She didn’t offer sensible solutions and leadership, she went with hate and fear and Godless crap attack ads.  I can’t say I’ve ever been more disappointed with a Senator.  I had real respect for her, and man on man did she completely lose it.  I’m sure she doesn’t care, but apparently the good people of North Carolina weren’t impressed either.

The question is where do they go from here?  From where I’ve been sitting they’ve got a huge tent and a very small door.  If that door continues to shrink, no one will be able to get in.  And why would they want to?  They have been preaching hate and fear for nearly a decade and it’s finallly caught up with them.  Until they rid themselves of the crazy that has hijacked their party I don’t see much improving.

In addition, they have claimed for years to be the party of less government, however we have the largest government ever!  And it seems when it comes to less government, we are only talking regulation of big business.  When it comes to my body, my religion, or my bedroom they want to regulate the hell out of me.

Tolerance.  Humility.  Acceptance.  Those are three words they just can’t seem to grasp.

Who is Dumber?? Alaskan Republican Voters or the Citizens in Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District

I know I’ve already gone over the fact that some IDIOTS in the state of Alaska voted for a convicted Ted Stevens…but I wanted to share with everyone that they were not alone!  Michelle Bachmann wins reelection in Minnesota in the 6th Congressional District.

Remember this bimbo claimed Obama and liberals were Anti-American.  She also called for the press to begin an investigation of her fellow Congress Members to root out the other Anti-Americans.  Stupid.  Stupid.  Stupid.

Tom Davis says it…GOP is a “white, rural regional party.”
November 4, 2008, 6:07 pm
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Well, they’ve got no one to thank but themselves.  You can’t keep giving people the middle finger and saying they are “Anti-American” or “Not Real” and expect they will want to stand with you. 

I’d even go as far to caution him on that message…I’m white and grew up in Rural America, and I want NO part of what they’ve been selling!!

Another Republican Jumps on Board the Crazy Train!

Is it me, or are we seeing a theme? 

First Governor Palin makes statements about Obama “palling around with terrorists”.  Then she goes on to say she likes visiting the pockets of “real America”.   A spokeswoman from the McCain campaign (Nancy Pfotenhauer) goes on to talk about the “real Virginia”.  Next we’ve got Crazy Congresswoman Bachmann from Minnesota saying that Obama and other members of Congress are “Anti-American”.  Then she says she didn’t say it…but we all know you did!!  Liar (still fun for me)!!  And now we’ve got Congressman Robin Hayes from North Carolina saying “liberals hate real Americans that work and accomplish and achieve and believe in God.”  Then he says he didn’t say it, but again WE KNOW YOU DID!!  LIAR MCLIAR PANTS – I gotta say, still fun!

So Liberals are Anti-American, live in “fake Virginia”, hate America, and lets not forget we hate working people and God too!!  These are good times.  Do they pass out crazy water at Republican conventions?  Is there a special class they take? 

I will go as far to say not all Republicans are saying this stuff.  There are even a few that are running from it or speaking out against it, but where are the rest of them? 

The crazy train is moving full steam ahead…who’s next?  Any ideas???

Congresswoman Bachmann, YOU ARE A LIAR!

That’s right I will say it again for good measure (and because, well it’s fun). 


First of all lets go through the article…”

Despite the way the blogs and the Democratic Party are spinning it, I never called all liberals anti-American, I never questioned Barack Obama’s patriotism, and I never asked for some House Un-American Activities Committee witch hunt into my colleagues in Congress.”

She called into question his values and beliefs.  Calling into question his judgement.  She also called him the most liberal.  Then she goes on to say Anti-American is the point.  So uh…Congresswoman, how about you take your ignorant ass…go to utube…and watch your self say the above statement.  Then she goes on to say she’d love for the press to investigate her House colleagues to see who’s un-American.  I would repeat Congresswoman Bachmann seems to have a very short memory for the stupid things that come out of her mouth. 

So I guess the bottom line is I am calling Congresswoman Bachmann a liar and stupid.  Wow, that felt good.  Intellectual dishonesty will not be tolerated.  We are going to continue to donate to your opposition!  We are going to send you packing!  And look Congresswoman Bachmann…I’ve pasted it below if you are too stupid to use a computer.

And guess what STUPID?!?  We like being liberal.  We are proud to be liberal.  And we’re not going to let filth like you pretend it’s a bad word and sit silently by.   

And apparently you can find anti-Americans on college campuses.  Huh?  I usually find people trying to educate themselves…or drink themselves into a stupor…but that’s just me. 

And guess what else crazy…Liberals LOVE America.  We love it so much we question, criticize, and speak out in hopes we’ll make it better. is the best place for your personal blog or business site.