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Jefferson Goes Down…

And I honestly can’t say I’m sorry.  If you can’t quite place who Representative Jefferson is…remember the guy who took the money from the FBI?  Then when the FBI raided his home they found the money in the freezer?  Well that would be him.

Jefferson has pleaded not guilty to 16 counts of racketeering, bribery, money laundering and obstruction of justice.  Which I’m sure is what his lawyers are urging.  I don’t know why he even ran again.  He should have stepped aside and let someone else run on the Democratic ticket.  Perhaps I wouldn’t have to feel joy that Anh Cao the Republican challenger won that seat. 

I truly believe if the Democrats want to remain in power we have got to lose some of the dead weight.  Think of the Republicans and what their scandal-mongers did for them…ie…Ted Stevens, Duke Cunningham, Mark Foley, and Tom DeLay. 

In the spirit of a new tomorrow I also believe it is time for Charlie Rangel to resign.  I think like Ted Stevens, Mr. Rangel probably started out with good intentions.  Like Mr. Stevens, I believe Mr. Rangel probably has done a lot for his district.  However at this point, he’s mired in scandal.  Rent controlled apartments, taxes, and now this deal with his son.  I urge him to hand over the reigns to someone young, fresh, and ready to see real change.

Well How Very Big of them

Apparently Congress will be back at work early in the New Year.  Typically they don’t start voting on anything till mid to late January.  However this year they will be working on a huge economic stimulus package the new President wants. 


Waxman Chair of Energy and Commerce.

Congressman Waxman took on Congressman Dingle and won, but just barely.  I should say he lived to tell…  Environmentalists should be thrilled with the outcome. 

On a side note, last year while living in Calabasas (Hell on Earth), California, Henry Waxman was my Congressman.

Dems in Charge and it’s A-Okay

A new poll suggests the American people are fine with Democrats controlling the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives.  Interestingly enough 62% have a favorable view of the Democratic Party.  How did the opposition fair?  Not so well, only 38% have a favorable view of the Republican Party.

Well done boys and girls.

Broun…Worst Person…

Here’s Keith Olberman having a good time with Paul Broun back in March.

Congressman Paul Broun…”All Aboard the Crazy Train!”

Okay.  I’m a little amused by what we’ve seen this election cycle.  Why is it these little known Congressmen/women think it’s a good idea to make such crazy ass remarks?  Do they not realize this is going to make national news?  We had Congresswoman Bachmann from Minnesota and her whack job allegations and calls for investigations making McCarthy-like headlines, now we’ve got Congressman Paul Broun of Georgia jumping on board the crazy train.  Broun likens Obama to Karl Marx and Adolf Hitler…all in one sitting!

Keep talking fool.  Think about it, this is great stuff.  We’ve got a run off election looming in Georgia between Republican Senator Chambliss and Democratic challenger Jim Martin. 

I’m not sure who’s running Martin’s campaign, but I’d find as many pictures of Chambliss and Broun together as I could, add Broun’s crazy comments, and have a field day. 

I’ve got a great idea for a Jim Martin ad…picture this…

We’ve got Broun and Chambliss dressed as train conductors and they’re driving the train towing the State of Georgia behind them.  Then we show them driving the crazy train right off the tracks.  As the train derails we’ve got Max Cleland in a wheel chair and Jim Martin on a horse saving the state of Georgia.

Obama: Not IF He Wins…but how BIG of a WIN!!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but one of my favorite websites is Charlie Cook’s.  That is where I go for goord analysis.  Not biased self serving analysis, but well thought out coverage.  I only wish he’d update and post more.  I’m greedy what can I say.  I, however, am not going to jail for my greed like the good Senator Stevens may be.  Okay, that was a cheap shot, but still fun and that’s what matters most…my enjoyment.  And while I enjoy the Cook Political Report for its unbiased content, I’ve never claimed to be unbiased myself and it’s my blog so get off my ass already!

Now Charlie Cook has not said in anyway the election is over.  He has merely pointed out it would take something huge for McCain to win.  He has also predicted 7 Senate seats for the Dems and 20 House seats. 

Both would be great, but hey I’m greedy, I want 9 Senate seats and 30 House seats.  Just to show I can be not greedy, I’ll take 9 Senate seats and 20 House seats.  Then my people can tell Joe I’m a Real Asshole Lieberman to take a flying leap!

That’s so Sweet…NOT!

Okay.  I’m not sure what is wrong with that lady.  No, I am sure.  She’s an idiot and a LIAR.  Okay, some may argue I shouldn’t really call Congresswoman Bachmann names.  I full heartedly disagree.  She goes off on this crazy rant about Barack Obama being Un-American…or Anti-American.  Then she starts another crazy spiel about leftist liberals and the like.  Then she wants the press to do an investigation into her fellow Congress Members to see who is Anti-American.  That’s crazy.  Stupid.  Idiotic. 

Then she goes on the next day to say she didn’t say it.  Well too bad for you ditz brain you were on tv.  We heard you say it.  We watched you say it.  And guess what you can go to YouTube and watch it for yourself!  So uh…LIAR! 

Then she decides to let everyone know she’s going to apologise by ad.  Hmmm…by ad?  I often apologise by ad.  NOT.  Then the crack pot makes the ad, and guess what NO REAL APOLOGY!!



Gerry Connolly for Congress

I live in Northern Virginia, you may remember it as not being part of “real Virginia”.  However, it’s pretty real to me.  It’s home!  We have an open seat for Congress this year.  Tom Davis (Republican) of Virginia’s 11th District is not running this year.  Hip hip Hooray!

If Mr. Connolly wins it will be the first time a Democrat has held this seat in over 40 years.  These are exciting times for me!


Apparently Joe the Plumber is considering running for Congress.  Tell me this is a joke.  This is Cindy Sheehan type of crazy.  Pay your god damned taxes moron! is the best place for your personal blog or business site.