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Blue States – Who’s Next?

Okay, so I just got home from a quick trip to the Midwest.  Out and back in two days.  Yuck.  As my daughter is studying for her Economics test (have I mentioned that she’s 8! – Don’t get me started on this load of crap!), I opened my computer to see what’s in the news. 

Mike Duhaime, and for those of you who don’t know who that is…he’s the yutz that steered the Giulliani ship into the ground, is quoted saying Iowa, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania are republican RED states.  Now, having lived in all three I’d beg to differ with Duhaime (on oh so many things). 

First of all you may note that Iowa has a Democratic Governor, Chet Culver.  You may also note, they have one Republican and one Democrat serving in the Senate.  I’m not sure that qualifies as a Republican stonghold.  Now Iowa did go for Bush, I’m ashamed to say, but barely!  To be fair, a little over 1/2 of a percent.  Wow Duhaime, that’s amazing.

Second of all, Minnesota is the land of Paul Wellstone.  I don’t think anyone is confused about what party the late great Senator came from!  And historically it’s been a toss up there!  They have recently elected a Democrat to the Senate…in 06…you might remember that Mike.  It’s when the Republicans lost control of the Senate.

Third of all, Pennsylvania has a Democratic Governor!  And can I say went BLUE in 04?!?

So maybe that’s one of the reasons Mike didn’t do such a great job steering Giulliani.  Either he can’t read,   doesn’t understand percentages, or he is delusional.  Hell, I’ll go as far as say all three. 

So good luck McCain.  Duhaime’s a real winner. 


Oh and by the way, Mike, if you haven’t noticed Virginia is trending BLUE!!  Whoo hoo!!!


Obama Winner of Third and Finale Debate
October 16, 2008, 8:54 am
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So as I’ve scrambled to read as much as I can this morning, the theme is pretty consistent.  Obama won.  McCain failed to turn the tide.  He tried to throw some good punches, but Obama clearly was expecting that and dodged them artfully.  Many viewers found it more of the same…that is McSame Gone Angry!

6 Idiots and a Moderator

Okay so as I’m watching the post debate wrap up, NBC has 6 “Independents” or “undecided voters”.  Are you kidding me?  How on earth at this point have you not made up your mind???

We’ve got 4 Independents, one Democrat, and one Republican. 

Three out of six said they know people who will not vote for Obama because he’s black.  Funnily enough 6 out of 6 said they think Sarah Palin is a hindrance to the McCain campaign.  However 3 of the 6 said they are voting for McCain.  Can I just say that one of those people said they think Obama’s economic plan was better.  One for Obama.  Two are still undecided.  One is leaning Obama because of McCain’s temperment.  She needs more time to “look at the issues”. 


My take on the Final Debate…
October 15, 2008, 10:40 pm
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Well, it’s no secret to anyone who looks at my blog for…oh say 3 seconds…that I am a Democrat.  I’ve always considered myself to be a pretty fair Democrat.  My husband I think would say I criticize Democrats nearly as much as I do Republicans.

I’m going to call the third and final debate for Senator Obama.  Senator Obama to me looked quite poised, and at times amused.  Almost as if he knew this is where Senator McCain was going to go.  Negative.  I’d say Senator McCain appeared desperate.  He seemed overly agitated, but hey lets be honest what else is new?

The Debate – Take One
October 15, 2008, 9:32 pm
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So I was going to try to refrain from commenting till the debate was over, but man I’m going nuts.  I’m sitting in my hotel screaming at the tv. 

First of all, I hate how John McSame tries to talk to people like he’s the disapproving father figure.  He is very patronizing.  I’m also amazed that John McCain tries to say he’s disputed every negative comment Republicans have made.  That’s ridiculous!  First of all, who has the time?  Second of all I don’t remember him saying Sarah Palin was wrong when she stated Obama palls around with terrorists.

Point one, Obama.  The American people are more interested in issues than our “hurt feelings”.  Round one for Team Obama.  Senator McCain is looking petulant and frustrated.  I wonder if he knows it’s not going well for him??

Why did McCain pick Sarah Palin???  “She’s a role model for women.”  Is that a joke?  She’s a reformer?  I’m not sure if I want to yell, cry, puke, or laugh!

The Palin Factor
October 15, 2008, 9:17 pm
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Okay.  So Sarah Palin has evoked many emotions in Americans.  Especially women.  I can remember getting the text from my husband to see who McCain had picked.  I text back “Just tell me”.  So he sent Palin.  I had thought he was being lazy or mistyped and meant Palenti.  I said big deal.  So he sent it again, with an order to open the news.  So I did.

Holy shit.  Sorry for the language, but that was my reaction.  Now I know there are many people who had no idea who Sarah Palin was, and not that I blame them!  I however am a big Sunday morning tv watcher.  Probably one of the only times I watch tv.  We often sit with coffee and watch the political shows.  We’d watched a documentary about her and they’d hinted she may be a pick.  I can remember laughing. 

Well needless to say when I saw the announcement I was no longer laughing.  I was in shock.  It was a Friday, and I was having lunch with my husband.  He happens to be a Republican.  We try not to talk politics…or he does (I often cross the line and rant and rave).  That was one lunch that was nothing but politics.  We were both in shock. 

I immediately shot off an email to some of my Clinton supporter friends to gage their reaction.  First question I got back was what’s her standing on a woman’s right to choose.  Well we all know Sarah Palin is 100% pro-life.  She also is against sex education.  I could go for the cheap shot here, but I’ll control myself.  Anyway, when I responded, they all replied we’re not interested. 

Now we all know she energized a lagging McCain.  The base seems to really like her.  And why wouldn’t they?  She’s pro-life.  She’s against sex ed.  She doesn’t believe in global warming.  And she is a life long member of the NRA.  Did I mention she wants to drill in ANWR.  So the base is energized.  I’m watching some of my Clinton backers lean McCain.  I still don’t get that, but whatever.  She’s seeing record numbers at her rallies.  The more she talks, the more I see RED!  Wow, that was a pun and I didn’t even mean to, but hey I’ll run with it.

What amazes me is that the Republicans led by John McCain seem to have over-estimated…or maybe under-estimated the minds and voices of women.  Did they really think that just because she’s a woman we’d all fall in line?  Did they think her winking and “cutesy” “folksy” speak would sway us a bit?

I say, no.  She got some shock value.  She raised some interest.  But ladies, if you are with me here, I’M NOT BUYING IT!!  She stands for nothing I stand for.  She is everything I detest about the Republican party.  Her numbers are tanking, she’s getting nastier and nastier, and I’m still not convinced she knows this country has 50 states!

I’d be curious to see if the polls would be so bleak had he picked a real candidate?!  Or have the American people just had enough?  We have two wars that have no end in sight.  The economy is in the crapper.  The Republican “moral majority” has been racked with scandals.  Does Palin even matter??

Keep the Momentum Going!!
October 15, 2008, 9:02 pm
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I’ve thought John McCain was done once before.  Remember when his primary campaign went completely broke.  So Democrats…we’ve got to keep calling, knocking, and talking.  It’s the economy stupid! is the best place for your personal blog or business site.