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See All Black Men are the Same…

Well…according to the headline in Essence by Wendy Wilson…  “Could Michael S. Steele be the Republican Barack?

I want to start by saying I find this to be one of the most ignorant headlines I’ve read in quite a while, and that’s saying a lot considering the road our media goes down!  What on earth do Barack Obama and Michael Steele have in common? 

     1.  They are both men.

     2.  They are both black…or African American…

     3.  They are both politicians…although Barack Obama is a successful politician…Michael Steele, not so much!

     4.  I can’t think of any more…see STUPID HEADLINE!

The article goes on to say few even know who Michael Steele is.  Well…DUH, He lost!  No one remembers the losers!  And if you are from the DC Metro area all you might remember is that Michaeal Steele might like puppies, but he LOVES George Bush!  hahaha.  Those ads were a good time!

The article goes on to say that because he’s running for the Chair of the RNC, he’s the most recognized Black Conservative in the Nation.  HUH?  Again, do that many people (besides political dorks like me) really follow who the Chair of the RNC is?  Uh, I think not!  I’m thinking if you asked for the most recognized black conservative/Republican in the country you’d get Colin Powell, but that’s just me!  Maybe even Condoleeza Rice.  See, the author of this article is stupid.  I wonder if she’s paid by the word and that’s why she added all this garbage! 

The article then goes on to ask Michael S. Steele, as she repeatedly calls him, a myriad of questions.  I could go through his moronic responses and make fun of him too, but that’s like shooting fish in a barrel, so I’ll let him off easy.

Congressman Paul Broun…”All Aboard the Crazy Train!”

Okay.  I’m a little amused by what we’ve seen this election cycle.  Why is it these little known Congressmen/women think it’s a good idea to make such crazy ass remarks?  Do they not realize this is going to make national news?  We had Congresswoman Bachmann from Minnesota and her whack job allegations and calls for investigations making McCarthy-like headlines, now we’ve got Congressman Paul Broun of Georgia jumping on board the crazy train.  Broun likens Obama to Karl Marx and Adolf Hitler…all in one sitting!

Keep talking fool.  Think about it, this is great stuff.  We’ve got a run off election looming in Georgia between Republican Senator Chambliss and Democratic challenger Jim Martin. 

I’m not sure who’s running Martin’s campaign, but I’d find as many pictures of Chambliss and Broun together as I could, add Broun’s crazy comments, and have a field day. 

I’ve got a great idea for a Jim Martin ad…picture this…

We’ve got Broun and Chambliss dressed as train conductors and they’re driving the train towing the State of Georgia behind them.  Then we show them driving the crazy train right off the tracks.  As the train derails we’ve got Max Cleland in a wheel chair and Jim Martin on a horse saving the state of Georgia.

Saxby – YOU SUCK

Okay. Seriously. I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE this guy. You know why, he sucks. Why does he suck? Max Cleland, need I say more?

This moron garnered more votes in Georgia than the Democrat, Jim Martin, and the Libertarian, Allen Buckley, but didn’t stay above 50%. I would like to take this time to tell the 1,964,894 people in Georgia that voted for Buckley and Chambliss, YOU TOO ARE MORONS.

If this doesn’t tell you where the Republican Party is right now, I don’t know what else would! Well maybe the Senate race in North Carolina… Anyway, back to Saxby Pfucker Chambliss…he couldn’t win Georgia with more than 50% of the vote so they are off to a run off.

I’ve half a mind to get on a plane and go down there and knock on some doors for Martin!

Merkley Wins Oregon….

This is not really a shocker.  Gordon Smith really hasn’t been too bad of a Senator in the state of Oregon, however, the tide has been kicking the crap out of the Republican Party for the last two years.  And quite honestly they deserve it.  If Smith were smart, he’d have run as an Independent.  He often has broken party lines with his voting record.

Congrats to Jeff Merkley.  That’s one more Democrat in the Senate!!

What to Do with Lieberman?
November 5, 2008, 7:47 pm
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Uh, toss his ass out of power!  Why on earth would we allow him to continue to chair anything, let alone a Senate Committee?  It’s a no brainer for me.  Think about it, this guy has given Democrats the finger for the last 8 years.  I’m embarrassed he was a Democrat.  Let the Republicans have him, I certainly don’t want him.  I’ll tell you what, I’ll trade Lying Lieberman for Olympia Snowe…any takers?

Not Elizabeth Dole too!

I am so sick of this type of politics.  I am okay when a candidate comes after another candidate on policy.  That makes sense.  What I don’t get is this type of crap that has risen to a whole new level for this election.  Republicans hinted at pandora’s box in 2000 with Al Gore.  They broke the seal in 2004 with John Kerry and Max Cleland.  Remember the Swift Boat I’m full of SHIT Vets (as a vet myself I find them particularly repugnant) and the Max Cleland the Coward ads?  Do I need to remind everyone how much Max gave his country in Vietnam…probably.  But this election takes the cake.  It’s like they shook the box and then ripped the lid right off.

So far we’ve had “real America”, “real Virginians”, “real New Yorkers”, and lets not forget Obama the Muslim Arab that palls around with terrorists.  What’s next?  Well apparently Kay Hagen, Democrat running for Senate in North Carolina, is now Godless.  Did Elizabeth Dole get together with the stick shrew Ann Coulter?  Remember her lovely book Godless, the Church of Liberalism?  CRAP.  And I don’t know about all of you, but I always envision myself stuffing cheeseburgers down Ann’s throat after I’ve shaved her head!!

I disappointed in Elizabeth Dole to say the least.  I thought she had far more class than that.  And while I haven’t always agreed with her policies, I will say I always respected the woman.  For shame.

Have I Mentioned Lately I Really Hate Saxby Chambliss?
October 30, 2008, 8:29 pm
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Because I do!  Reason:  Max Cleland.  Need I say more?  If you live in the state of Georgia, get your ass to the polls on November 4th and vote for Democrat Jim Martin!! 

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