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Clinton to Replace Clinton???
December 1, 2008, 7:18 pm
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With Senator Hillary Clinton accepting the position as Secretary of State New York is in need of a new senator.  Some are saying Bill should pick up the reigns.  I’m not so sure about that though…those are pretty big shoes to fill. 

This seems a little bizarre to me, but hey it’s politics…right?  Which makes me wonder…has a President ever come back to be a Senator?  Naturally I decided to google this.  I gotta say, I love google.  I didn’t find anything except a list of Senators who’ve become President…

Anyone know for sure???


Turning Out the Vote in Georgia

Republicans aren’t the only ones bringing heavy hitters to the Georgia for the Senate seat runoff.  President Clinton made an appearance last Wednesday and Al Gore was out this weekend supporting Democratic challenger Jim Martin.  Apparently the President Elect has made a radio ad, but no appearance is planned. 

I still think he needs to get to Georgia!  It very well may end up being the key to holding the Senate with a 60 seat majority.

RNC has Deep Pockets for Chambliss

The RNC is bankrolling Saxby Chambliss.  Not really surprising considering his reelection may be needed to keep the Democrats from gaining a filibuster proof majority in the Senate. 

Rudy Giuliani has apparently decided to make an appearance fund raising for Chambliss.  I wonder though if Rudy should be fund raising for himself to pay off his own campaign debt, but hey that’s just me.  McCain and Romney have put in appearances as well.

Jim Martin has received some help from Bill Clinton and Al Gore.  I’m still hoping the President Elect will make an appearance or two as well.

President Elect Obama…Wasting No Time…

Cabinet posts are filling.  We keep hearing rumors about possible Secretary of State candidates, and now the media has put out that Eric Holder is being considered for the Attorney General’s position.

Well, you may find yourself asking this question as well…who the Hell is Eric Holder??  He’s a former Deputy Attorney General from the Clinton Administration.  Well according to Wikipedia, he graduated from Columbia Law School then went to work for the Justice Department.  He’s also been an Associate Judge for DC Superior Court and the US Attorney for the District. 

Team Obama is looking more like Team Clinton every day…

Holly and Alyssa’s Excellent Campaign Adventures…

I can’t believe we are 2 days out!  Whew!  I want to say a big thanks to Holly!  This election ramp up has been all kinds of fun.  First off, it’s been so great to share this experience with someone who feels as strongly as I do.  Second of all, it’s be even better to be able to have that outlet for the frustrations, excitement, and journeys. 

Holly and I have:  canvassed neighborhoods here in Springfield, VA, attended Bill Clinton’s rally for Obama at VCU in Richmond, VA, attended the Barack Obama rally in Leesburg with our girls, and most recently we went to see Hillary Clinton and Gerry Connolly speak at George Mason University right here in Fairfax County! 

Here’s some more rally photos!  This is Holly holding the famous sign…When Women Vote Democrats Win!  This sign has been with us since the VCU Rally!!

And here’s our future’s Vice President and President waiting patiently in Leesburg, Va waiting to get into the Obama rally.  Em wants to be a “rock star” and Zo wants to be an “author of children’s books” and “dog breeder”, but I can always hope…  Thanks to Hillary Clinton, the sky is the limit for future women!

Jobs, Baby, Jobs!!

Hillary Clinton is back in the news, and she’s out with hubby campaigning for Obama.  I’m thrilled to see the Clintons doing what needs to be done! 

Now I’m a huge fan of the Clintons, and I’ve been wondering where they’ve been.  I’ll also admit that I initially supported Hillary coming into the primaries.  I’m just so happy to see the Clinton machine out in full force.;_ylt=Ag.1N9mME8MfFncXSFdKE0Zp24cA

Rally Baby, Rally
October 13, 2008, 11:37 am
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