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Broke Ass Big Three…
November 19, 2008, 6:51 pm
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Fly private jets to ask Congress for a handout.

Apparently one spokesperson from the Big Three stressed security as the reason.  Did I miss something?  Do CEOs really need to fly private jets?  They also stressed other CEOs fly private jets.  I guess my question is, do other failing companies needing a cash infusion from the government fly private? 

GM spokesman whines that “Making a big to-do about this when issues vital to the jobs of millions of Americans are being discussed in Washington is diverting attention away from a critical debate that will determine the future health of the auto industry and the American economy.”  What I think he is missing is his own point….that jobs should be the focus and by continuing down the path of wasteful loses jobs. 

I say sell your jets and keep a worker or two.  I’m not opposed at this point to aiding GM, Chrysler, and Ford.  What I am opposed to is funding companies that can’t seem to accept changes will need to be made.


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They really don’t get it do? Happy to come with begging cap in hand while getting there on their private jets and they can’t see what’s wrong with this picture? They’re in their own fantasy land.
Ok, so bail them out this time, but tie conditions to it. If I ran my company into the ground I wouldn’t have a job to come back to not to say my own flying machine.

Comment by Anni

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