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Three Words for the Big Three Auto Execs:
November 24, 2008, 5:48 pm
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In my mind the workers and the unions have already conceded enough.  Enough is enough.  It is time for the upper echelon in Detroit’s auto industry to take a look in the mirror.  Do they really need to make upwards of $20 million a year?  Uh…NO!  Certainly not while they are asking for my damn dime they don’t!

Now do I think we need to bail out GM, Ford, and Chrysler.  Yeah.  Do I think we do it for their CEOs?  NO.  Do we even need those CEOs?  NO NO NO!!!  We do it for the workers.  We do it for hard working Americans like Mike Green’s family.  Many of Mike Green’s family members have been working for GM for a combined total of 300 years.  Ten members of his family work for GM currently.  That my friends is dedication!

I say bail out the Big Three.  Fire the top managers.  Lower the CEO and upper management pay.  Sell those damn jets.  And then keep some living wage jobs with health insurance.


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The time for unions are long gone. Time to rebel against the “we’re owed this” union mentality and let the rest of America keep their hard earned income.

You got yourself into the mess… get yourself out. It takes 2 sides to make a deal so don’t just blame the management.

Comment by Dreaggo

I agree with Dreaggo, the UAW has been extremely demanding for decades and now have bitten off more than it can chew. Let the UAW go down with the manufacturers. Good riddens, lets settle for properly built, affordable mid-size cars.

Comment by Ron

The auto companys do not care about the workers in the factory. I was working at Fords in Saline Michigan and got sick with hepitis and was fired because I got sick and was in the hospital, so they and no one cares about the workers. I have a ford car now and I wish I did not buy it, the explorer has given me nothing but problems. the american cars are not built well and I hope they all are sold to a japan car company and Fords for sure. when I wrote to the top men at Fords in Dearborn, no one wrote back when I lost my job and not that was 30 years ago and I could be retired not.

James Staley
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Comment by James Staley

The execs can leave and take other jobs, the union workers can’t. It sucks, but the cold hard truth is execs can just leave and work in another industry making as much or more than what they make now. They don’t need to take a pay cut, and if they do, they’ll just leave.

Apparently union workers don’t have that option, and that really does suck, but…it’s a manufacturing job. I repeat; it’s a manufacturing job.

Also, Toyota and Honda workers in the US seem to be doing just fine. Just sayin’.

Comment by Dave

Yes, the big three do suck, as you so eloquently put it. While the other auto manufacturers, the ones like Toyaota ad Honda that are actually making money, were busy on thier long term vision and retooling for better future vehicles – fuel efficient cars, hybrids, etc. – GM was aiming at short term profits on their big SUVs. US cars as a whole lag behind foregin vehicles in terms of quality and sophistication (even the big threee have admitted that).

The unions are also to blame. Now I understand how they strive to protect the workers and that loads of concessions have been made by the unions to help the automakers weather teh storm – but you can’t tell me the unions don’t load the factories with bloat. There is not a single industry where I’ve seen unions present without ridiculous regulations that made jobs more costly and more difficult to complete.

I don’t want to pay taxes so stupid execs can collect bonuses or ridiculously overrated unions can waste it on 4.5 required paid coffee breaks per day.

Comment by MJ

See… but this isn’t about unions vs. management. It’s about whether or not the taxpayers should pay for the CEO’s who fucked it up in the first place. I say no as well. I agree with this post wholeheartedly.

Comment by phoenixofdiscordia

You say that the unions have conceded enough already–can you name any of those concessions (specifically)? It’s fun to rail against the executives–they make themselves into easy targets for sure–but this is a multi-faceted problem, and the union benefits and wages are one of the biggest.

As a former resident of both Flint and Detroit, I’ve seen what happens when government gets involved. Thanks to NAFTA, high corporate tax rates, and union demands, it didn’t make any business sense to continue operating there. I’m not saying that corporate greed hasn’t had an impact. But it’s not the only problem.

Comment by Santa's Helper

I’ve pasted three articles below outlining the concessions the UAW and its have already made, some as recently as 2007.

What concessions have their CEOs and upper management made?

Lets do a quick recap. They are making millions. They fly private jets to DC to demand money. They still have no plan to turn their companies around.

Comment by smartandfemale

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