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November 10, 2008, 12:09 pm
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AIG.  First they get $85 BILLION, then they get $38 BILLION, and now they are getting another $40 BILLION!  Apparently the initial $85 BILLION has been reduced to $60 BILLION, but wait the $38 BILLION has been increased to $52.5 BILLION.  leaving the governments total bailout to AIG at a whopping $152.5 BILLION!  I’m not even sure what to say, except WTF!? 

Do they keep changing the amount hoping the average tax payer won’t be able to follow the money trail?  It took me three articles before I could get a handle on how much money AIG was getting.  Here’s the total:  $60 BILLION + $52.5 BILLION + $40 BILLION = $152.5 BILLION!!

I don’t know about all of you, but I’ve had enough.  This is a company that has been completely mismanaged, and then came to the government for a HAND-OUT!  I’ve heard a countless Republicans talk about personal responsibility and the government shouldn’t be doling out the welfare, but when it comes to coporate greed they seem to turn a blind eye. 

Need I mention these bastards have thrown how many parties on the tax payers dollars??  Let them sink like the rest of us!,features,aig-rescue-and-the-goldman-connection-philip-delves-broughton,0,4386282.story


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