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Apparently there are a number of groups who are challenging whether President Elect Obama is a natural US citizen.  Huh?  Yeah, exactly.  This seems to be pretty ridiculous to me.  However, they are getting some media traction, as the Politico ran the article I’ve pasted below today. 

There are two lawsuits challenging Obama’s legitimacy of citizenship. 

     1.  One such lawsuit alleges that because his father was Kenyan and under British rule, he’d have been born with dual citizenship. 

     2.  The other contends that he wasn’t born on American soil at all.  Philip J. Berg has filed suit claiming Barack Obama was really born in Kenya, not Hawaii.  He also claims his Hawaiian birth certificate looks fake.  So being the super slueth that I am, I pulled out my daughter’s birth certificate.  See, she was born in Hawaii.  Looks the same to me…so I’m not sure what Mr. Berg is trying to pull.  Now the birth certificate definitely looks different from mine, I was born in Iowa…but again I want to stress it looks exactly like my daughters.  So I’m a little unclear as to what is fake about it!  However Justice Clarence Thomas has passed this already reject suit around the court, so we’ll see if this goes any further.  You really gotta hand it to Clarence Thomas. 

Well this should be a good time for all I’m sure.  I would also like to point out one of the crazies promoting this is a former Swift Boater…and boy we know how honest they were now don’t we?!


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Proof there needs to be just a bit more chlorine in the gene pool.

Comment by D

It is so unbelievable, isn’t it. What will they think of next?

I think you should send your resume to Clarence Thomas, with your expert sleuthing skills, maybe you could get a job as the special investigator on this case. And you’ve already done all the work! But you could say it’s going to be really hard to figure out and charge like a billion dollars to do the investigation.

Ok, I’m having too much fun . . .

Comment by ObamaramaLog

its not really about where he was born, its about the rights unwillingness to accept the truth: they lost. they couldn’t accept the truth last time around either, and unfortunately they rewrote history. as they say, history goes to the victors.

on a good note, one of the challenges was overturned:

Comment by douglaskev

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