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Best Political Ad of 2012
October 25, 2012, 9:14 pm
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Ladies, our time is now.  We must stand united.  


Gone Rogue…or Gone Sarah??

So apparently there is more angst and concern in the McCain-Palin Campaign.  Sarah is apparently crafting her own message at times. 

Will the real Sarah Palin please stand up?  Or maybe sit down, and shut the Hell up.  From what I’ve seen I’m not impressed.  I’m not impressed with her handlers.  I’m not impressed with her.  I’ve watched her fumble through an interview with Katie Couric.  I mean seriously if the fluff ball of news can rattle your cage maybe you are in the wrong field.  No offense intended Katie.  I’ve watched her explain to 3rd graders what a Vice President does…and God knows those kids teachers for the next ten years are going to have a hard time setting them straight.  I’ve watched her simply appear at a Vice Presidential debate where she said little to nothing and preened for the camera, yet still got a free pass I might add.  I’ve watched in horror as she leads a crowd down a hateful path, and they respond with hate filled crazy, and she giggles nervously.

The only thing I’m certain she knows is that she’s from Alaska.  Well I say good riddance – take you and your crazy back to Alaska.  They can have you back!

I’m not sure why the McCain people are worried by this.  I mean, yeah, most of us know she’s not ready nor will she ever be ready, but she’s doing exactly what she was picked to do.  Make outrageous statements that incite anger and fear.  Rally the nutballs within the Republican Party.  Pick off some former Clinton supporters…that the Republicans are hoping are too stupid to realize that Sarah Palin has NOTHING in common with Hillary Clinton except sharing a gender. 

I say when you pick crazy, you get crazy.  Thanks John!

Obama: Terrorist to Socialist in a Little Over a Month

You really gotta hand it to John McCain and Sarah Palin.  I mean really.  Their imginations are enormous.  Their willingness spread hate and fear knows no boundaries.  First he’s a terrorist, now he’s a socialist.  What’s next….Communist.  Oh Hell, Michelle Bachmann already beat you to that inuendo didn’t she?  Or maybe we could go with Maoist.  (Governor Palin, by the way, if you don’t know what that is you can google it!)

Damn that Barack Obama and Joe Biden.  They want you to be able to send your kids to college.  They want to give the middle class a break on their taxes.  They want the wealth 3% of this country to pay their fair share in taxes.  They want to slow down pollutants that cause the green house effect.  They want to ensure everyone in this country has access to affordable health care.  They want women to be able to control their bodies. 

Damn their liberal asses.  Why on earth would anyone want any of that???

Bill Clinton rallies Team Obama at VCU

Okay.  So my friend Holly and I headed to Richmond last night.  We were very excited.  We listened to some great music on the way down.  Got passed by a Suburban with horrible bumper stickers (Vote McCain not Hussein).  Got stuck in traffic clear to Woodbridge!  UGH!  If you’ve ever travelled the 95 you know exactly what I am talking about!  Got to Richmond, found the venue (thank God), parked and walked up. 

I’m not sure how many were there, but it seemed like a lot.  The energy was very positive!  Bill Clinton clearly spoke to the fact that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are on the same page and same team.  TEAM OBAMA.  He talked about the fact that Obama “gets it”.  Can I also say that guy is like a rock star, people were clamoring to get to shake his hand.  Okay, okay, so was I!!

Then after the rally we went to stand on the street across from the McCain people.  “Yes We Can” and “Obama” were the chants of the night.  I’m not sure what the McCain people were saying, but there was one guy yelling, “Ask for forgiveness.”  I have no idea what that was all about!  I also saw some other veterans.  Which is always exciting for me.  We had a few people on our side want to go “negative”.  We quickly discouraged that.  My argument for staying positive is… RIGHT IS ON OUR SIDE, WE ARE WINNING!

There is just no need to engage in unhealthy behavior.  My friend Holly summed it up pretty well, “Would Barack Obama be proud of your behavior right now?”  That’s a pretty good barometer for people attending rallies.  We pretty much quelled any negativity and stayed on message. 

Below is a link to me at the rally.  I’m the nutty blond holding the sign, “When Women Vote Democrats Win.”  I have to say it was a great night!! is the best place for your personal blog or business site.