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Palin 2012…Enough to Make You Want to Puke
October 29, 2008, 8:42 pm
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Okay.  I don’t like the lady.  Not one bit.  And man oh man does it upset me she is a woman!  When I think about her being the first woman to represent us in the White House I truly want to vomit.  YUCK!!!

I almost feel bad for the people in Alaska.  I’m sure they were hoping she’d win and get the Hell out of their state!


That Beautiful Magical Number: 60

60.  The new 20.  No, not really, but a pretty great number if the Democrats can make it happen.  Imagine it, we get Barack Obama and Joe Biden in the White House…but that’s not all we have for our winners Johnny, we’ve got a clear majority in the Senate.  Sixty seats!  This is where the crowd goes wild!  We also have a growing majority in the House of Representatives.   

Whoo hoo baby.  Good times are coming.

What seats are up for grabs?  How do we get to 60?  I’m glad I asked!  Let me tell you!

Democrats are leading or gaining in…

New Mexico:  Tom Udall leading Steve Pearce in this once held Republican seat

Alaska:  Mark Begich tied up with incumbent Ted I’m a Crook Stevens

Colorado:  Mark Udall beating Bob Schaffer in another open formerly Republican seat

North Carolina:  Kay Hagen is giving incumbent Elizabeth Dole a run for her money.

New Hampshire:  Jeanne Shaheen is giving incumbent John Sununu Hell.

Minnesota:  Al Franken is knocking down incumbent Norm the Worm Coleman

Oregon:  Jeff Merkley has another incumbant in trouble, Gordon Smith

Georgia:  Jim Martin is gaining on Saxby I’m a Real Jackass Chambliss

Kentucky:  Bruce Lunsford gaining on Mitch McConnell

Republicans for Obama?

Perhaps the next big group to form??  We’ve got veterans for Obama.  Hispanics for Obama.  Women for Obama.  But REPUBLICANS FOR OBAMA??  Why the Hell not??

Well we all saw Colin Powell take the step towards a new tomorrow.  Then Arne Carlson (former Governor of Minnesota) stepped up.  Then former Massachusetts Governor William Weld.  Next in line…Larry Pressler (former Senator South Dakota). 

In my mind the Repubican Party has become so filled with hate, so polarizing, there is little room for anyone.  I’ll be curious after getting the ass whooping they deserve come November what they decide to do.  Do they continue down the same path that has caused them to lose the Senate, House, and ultimately the White House, or do they reinvent themselves?

McCain and a Good Vice Presidential Candidate??

Would it have made a difference?  Many say no.  I for one think it may have.  I’m not sure it would have been enough to win…and thank God for that.  This country can not handle four more years of failed policy.  Would I be feeling as good about the race to the White House as I am right now?  NO.  I think we’d all be sweating it out.

Beating to the Drum of Charlie Cook

This has to be one of my favorite political sites.  I can remember reading the predictions in 2006 and feeling the excitement.  I can also remember reading the predictions of the primary and feeling gloom.  Self preservation has a way of kicking in.  My husband is a Republican and works in politics, and his guy didn’t make it.  I remember reading it on the Cook Report thinking this guy better be wrong for once. 

Of course he wasn’t!  But that’s another story! 

I have to say today I’m feeling pretty good about where we are for the upcomming election.  This is an exciting time for me.  I have often felt like I’ve been standing on my soapbox alone, and I probably was.  I have always tried to go vote.  Primary, general, Presidential year, and non-Presidential year.  It is so exciting to see so many people engaged! 

Can I just say I can hardly wait.  Gains in the Senate.  Gains in the House.  And taking back the White House.  I’m not sure it gets much better than that…oh wait it will!  WHEN WE WIN!!! is the best place for your personal blog or business site.