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Change: Coming to a Theater Near You

So I just got home from canvassing a neighborhood in Springfield, Virginia.  Today was probably the roughest day I’ve had while out knocking door to door.  First off, hardly anyone was home.  Second of all, I was deep in McCain territory, although I am in “fake Virginia” so go figure.  Third of all, there was a McCain rally just up the road and it had just let out!  UGH!!

So I found a few Obama houses, some had already voted!  YAY!  Then I hit a few houses I was supposed to knock on that McCain Palin yard signs.  I knocked gingerly and waited to see what I was going to get.  They were all pretty nice about it, so that’s good. 

I came to a house with no signs and knocked.  A man came out to tell me what a liar Obama was and this and that.  He went on and on.  So I marked him down as a McCain supporter.  Then he got a little pissey.  So as I walked away he got louder.  I finally turned around and said, “Like it or not, change is coming to a theater near you soon!”  Petty and stupid, yes.  But I gotta say, it made me feel better!!

If you haven’t already, get out there!  Make calls.  Knock on doors!


Not Elizabeth Dole too!

I am so sick of this type of politics.  I am okay when a candidate comes after another candidate on policy.  That makes sense.  What I don’t get is this type of crap that has risen to a whole new level for this election.  Republicans hinted at pandora’s box in 2000 with Al Gore.  They broke the seal in 2004 with John Kerry and Max Cleland.  Remember the Swift Boat I’m full of SHIT Vets (as a vet myself I find them particularly repugnant) and the Max Cleland the Coward ads?  Do I need to remind everyone how much Max gave his country in Vietnam…probably.  But this election takes the cake.  It’s like they shook the box and then ripped the lid right off.

So far we’ve had “real America”, “real Virginians”, “real New Yorkers”, and lets not forget Obama the Muslim Arab that palls around with terrorists.  What’s next?  Well apparently Kay Hagen, Democrat running for Senate in North Carolina, is now Godless.  Did Elizabeth Dole get together with the stick shrew Ann Coulter?  Remember her lovely book Godless, the Church of Liberalism?  CRAP.  And I don’t know about all of you, but I always envision myself stuffing cheeseburgers down Ann’s throat after I’ve shaved her head!!

I disappointed in Elizabeth Dole to say the least.  I thought she had far more class than that.  And while I haven’t always agreed with her policies, I will say I always respected the woman.  For shame.

Gerry Connolly for Congress

I live in Northern Virginia, you may remember it as not being part of “real Virginia”.  However, it’s pretty real to me.  It’s home!  We have an open seat for Congress this year.  Tom Davis (Republican) of Virginia’s 11th District is not running this year.  Hip hip Hooray!

If Mr. Connolly wins it will be the first time a Democrat has held this seat in over 40 years.  These are exciting times for me!

Obama in Not so Real Virginia…or is it???
October 21, 2008, 9:59 pm
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So…Senator Obama is speaking tomorrow in Leesburg, Virginia.  Now I’m pretty sure that’s not part of real Virginia, but what the Hell maybe it is.  Who knows at this point where the real and fake Virginia borderlines are and where they meet.  And really come to think about it, do they meet?  Just need to clear with the boss that I can take the time, and then go yank my daughter out of school so she can come with me.  And yes, I am pulling my child out of school to go.  Some things can’t be learned at a desk!  I’m off with Holly (friend that went to VCU Rally with me), her daughter, and mine.  Should be a good time. 

I’ve decided I’m going to try to explain to the girls (7 and 8 years old) that they do not live in the real part of Virginia.  This should make for good conversation.  I’ll post tomorrow with pics!!!

Apparently Northern Virginia isn’t Real…So Does that Make it Fake???

Nancy Pfotenauer says McCain camp is out campaigning in “real Virginia”…ie… outside of Northern Virginia.  Hear that Northern Virginia.  Team McCain doesn’t think we are real.  We apparently all moved out of the District to Northern Virginia. 

Hmmm…I’ve got friends that grew up in Northern Virginia.  I moved to Northern Virginia from rural Midwest.  Are we not really here? 

Everytime I hear people from Team McCain, I wonder what the Hell they are thinking. is the best place for your personal blog or business site.