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Not Elizabeth Dole too!

I am so sick of this type of politics.  I am okay when a candidate comes after another candidate on policy.  That makes sense.  What I don’t get is this type of crap that has risen to a whole new level for this election.  Republicans hinted at pandora’s box in 2000 with Al Gore.  They broke the seal in 2004 with John Kerry and Max Cleland.  Remember the Swift Boat I’m full of SHIT Vets (as a vet myself I find them particularly repugnant) and the Max Cleland the Coward ads?  Do I need to remind everyone how much Max gave his country in Vietnam…probably.  But this election takes the cake.  It’s like they shook the box and then ripped the lid right off.

So far we’ve had “real America”, “real Virginians”, “real New Yorkers”, and lets not forget Obama the Muslim Arab that palls around with terrorists.  What’s next?  Well apparently Kay Hagen, Democrat running for Senate in North Carolina, is now Godless.  Did Elizabeth Dole get together with the stick shrew Ann Coulter?  Remember her lovely book Godless, the Church of Liberalism?  CRAP.  And I don’t know about all of you, but I always envision myself stuffing cheeseburgers down Ann’s throat after I’ve shaved her head!!

I disappointed in Elizabeth Dole to say the least.  I thought she had far more class than that.  And while I haven’t always agreed with her policies, I will say I always respected the woman.  For shame.


Real New Yorkers Now?!?

Not lovin the Palin…or Angryman McSame.  Apparently McCain likes wealthy elitists enough to protect their tax breaks and take their campaign contributions, but when it comes time for interviews they become wealty elitist liberals?


So Representative Pete King (Repubican from New York) says he wasn’t talking about “real New Yorkers”.

Okay seriously.  We are back to this shit.  So we’ve got Palin with “real Americans”.  Nancy Pfotenhauer from the McCain Campaign talks about “real Virginia”.  And now Congressman King seems to know “real New Yorkers”.

Now I don’t know about all of you, but I’m getting pretty confused.  Or maybe Sarah Palin, Nancy Pf-whatever her stupid name is, and Pete King are confused.

You know who I love?  Chuck Schumer.  Big kudos to Senator Schumer for calling their ignorant asses out.

I’m wondering if when we kick your asses on November 4th, you’ll be seeing and feeling how REAL we are!!! is the best place for your personal blog or business site.