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Ask Osama…

“Ask Osama bin Laden if he’s better off now than he was four years ago!” John F. Kerry

Quite possibly the best quote of the Democratic National Convention.  Love me some Senator Kerry!


September 2, 2012, 7:01 pm
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I held off getting Facebook until a few months ago this year.  I had tried the MySpace thing, and easily bored with it.  I recently was hired by a client to do a Facebook page for them, and in doing so I found it very hard to see what the page would look like from a visitors perspective.  Thus why I created my own page.  I found myself unable to stop looking at it.  I think it may in a way be addictive.  

Over the last couple of weeks I have watched with wonder as “friends” of mine have posted likes to Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, and other various republican candidates.  I would shake my head in disgust and move on.  To be fair, I too have posted political bits, or liked the President’s page.  I’m wondering now if they were shaking their head in wonder and disgust as well.

What finally put me over the edge was a friend had liked or posted (can’t remember which) a page that said something to the affect of “Click like and reply Amen if you want to see Christian values restored to the United States like our forefathers intended.”  Now this may seem like a pretty mild statement, I was puzzled and surprised to see her supporting this.  I then went into the comments section – big mistake as this was around 12:00 AM and left me seething in bed for nearly 2 hours.  Comments like “Amen Throw that bum Obama out” or “Hard to do with a Muslim President” and “Amen. Obama sucks.”  Very Christian of them.  There were a considerable number of simple “Amens” as well and a few rational comments thrown in.   One witty person asked “What about the Jews?”

As I laid there seething, I found myself getting ready to send my friend a scathing message about our founding fathers, why many immigrated to America in the first place, and things like this were exactly why I am hesitant to call myself a Christian.  I could go on and on about this, but I’ll spare everyone the lecture.  I also felt the urge to say the President IS a Christian you giant jackass, but that isn’t the point.  What if he wasn’t???  Would it really matter?  Are we so intolerant of other religions and religious beliefs that we think by labeling someone a Muslim that makes them a bad person??  

Needless to say, something rational in me kicked in and I simply deactivated my page.  As I mentioned this to a friend today, she liked Facebook to the days of the gladiators.  It’s a place where everyone gathers, they shout out nonsense, and bully to the death.  

So…so long Facebook.  For my personal sanity and sleep I bid you adieu.  

Whose White House is it???

I can remember a time when you could actually tour the White House.  Hell, I took s, the tour in 1994.  I didn’t need a group of 13, 10, or some other absurd number.  I just requested a tour and gave some personal information-then magically I would show up at the White House and a tour guide would show a group of us around. 

First of all…isn’t the White House the peoples house?  As in you and me…and every other citizen out there?  Second of all…don’t our taxes maintain it?  Now I know the President and his family get to live there, great, but it’s still supposed to be our house! 

This is something I ranted about continually throughout the President Bush (43’s) term-well one of the many things.  And now the guy I voted for isn’t turning out to be any better about this.  What a disappointment.  I got up this morning and my husband was reading me some funny quotes from the White House Correspondent’s Dinner.  And President Obama had some good ones, so I got online to see what else I could find.  Instead I read some crap about LA in DC.  PUKE!  Take a look at what set me off!

So, do I vomit now or later.  It seems every day I read so and so is at the White House.  Tiki Barber, the Chicago Bulls, Toby Keith, Usher-who came to talk about malaria (REALLY WHAT THE FUCK DOES USHER KNOW ABOUT MALARIA???, and Tiger Woods.  Ugh.  Double Ugh.  Then comes the White House’s Correspondent’s Dinner.  I mean really, what the fuck does Natalie Portman have to do with any of that?  Or Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.  Or even better Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.  Ludacris???  I mean really.

Am I the only person toally disgusted that if you are an actor (not even a good one as demonstrated by the Moore and Kutcher entry), a ball player, or a rapper you can get into the White House?!  But if you are a just a tax payer and a good citizen (like me-ha-no I do pay my taxes, although I’m started to question why) you can’t get in unless you ask your Congressman a recommended 6 months in advance and you have a group of 10!

Anyone else see a problem with this?!?

Pick Obama’s Circle…
November 24, 2008, 10:04 pm
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Interesting and fun (well yes it is fun if you are a big political news reading dork like me) tool from CNN.  Check it out.  Not only do you get to fill remaining positions within the new Obama administration, but when you click on the pictures you get a little biography on each one.

Seriously, how is this not a good time???

Well How Very Big of them

Apparently Congress will be back at work early in the New Year.  Typically they don’t start voting on anything till mid to late January.  However this year they will be working on a huge economic stimulus package the new President wants. 

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