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Ag Secretary Named…

And it’s not a real shocker.  Tom Vilsack…Iowa Governor and former Presidential hopeful.  I think Vilsack will be a good Secretary, I have a few concerns about the Iowa “trifecto” though.  You’ve got Tom Harken (D-IA) leading the Senate Majority Ag Committee.  Then you’ve got Charles Grassley (R-IA) on the Minority Committee (not in charge, but he’s no light weight).  And now Vilsack heading up Ag.  Seems like a lot of Iowa to me.

We’ve got some Western States that could use some representation…California, Oregon, and Washington are no slouches when it comes to agriculture, yet Montana is the most Western State on the Senate Ag Committee.


Blue States – Who’s Next?

Okay, so I just got home from a quick trip to the Midwest.  Out and back in two days.  Yuck.  As my daughter is studying for her Economics test (have I mentioned that she’s 8! – Don’t get me started on this load of crap!), I opened my computer to see what’s in the news. 

Mike Duhaime, and for those of you who don’t know who that is…he’s the yutz that steered the Giulliani ship into the ground, is quoted saying Iowa, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania are republican RED states.  Now, having lived in all three I’d beg to differ with Duhaime (on oh so many things). 

First of all you may note that Iowa has a Democratic Governor, Chet Culver.  You may also note, they have one Republican and one Democrat serving in the Senate.  I’m not sure that qualifies as a Republican stonghold.  Now Iowa did go for Bush, I’m ashamed to say, but barely!  To be fair, a little over 1/2 of a percent.  Wow Duhaime, that’s amazing.

Second of all, Minnesota is the land of Paul Wellstone.  I don’t think anyone is confused about what party the late great Senator came from!  And historically it’s been a toss up there!  They have recently elected a Democrat to the Senate…in 06…you might remember that Mike.  It’s when the Republicans lost control of the Senate.

Third of all, Pennsylvania has a Democratic Governor!  And can I say went BLUE in 04?!?

So maybe that’s one of the reasons Mike didn’t do such a great job steering Giulliani.  Either he can’t read,   doesn’t understand percentages, or he is delusional.  Hell, I’ll go as far as say all three. 

So good luck McCain.  Duhaime’s a real winner. 


Oh and by the way, Mike, if you haven’t noticed Virginia is trending BLUE!!  Whoo hoo!!! is the best place for your personal blog or business site.