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There’s a 1/8,000 Chance…

You’ll be stuck by lightening! Great video by NAACP about voter suppression laws on the absolute absurdity over voter id laws.

People keep saying Republicans have created a solution for which there was no problem.   That’s half true, there is very little voter fraud in this country.  This solution though does fix a problem the GOP has created.  When you attack and demean everyone who doesn’t look/think/love like you do, you have a voter problem.  How do you win in that environment???  YOU MAKE IT HARDER TO VOTE!

Everyone should watch!


Voter ID Laws Take an Ass Kicking.

Thank God.

Why fix it if it’s not broken??  If the Justice Department had 86 convictions out of 300  million (yes I said million) voters is there a voting fraud epidemic???  I hardly think so.

Boy those Republicans of limited government do seem to like bloating the government up and making absurd laws for problems that don’t exist, don’t they?


Tom Davis says it…GOP is a “white, rural regional party.”
November 4, 2008, 6:07 pm
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Well, they’ve got no one to thank but themselves.  You can’t keep giving people the middle finger and saying they are “Anti-American” or “Not Real” and expect they will want to stand with you. 

I’d even go as far to caution him on that message…I’m white and grew up in Rural America, and I want NO part of what they’ve been selling!! is the best place for your personal blog or business site.