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Republicans Hate Old People….

And minorities. And the poor!  Am I being too harsh?  Not even close!  Am I being too inflammatory?  I haven’t even begun!

Okay, okay.  They only hate poor old people. See, I can make concessions.“voter-fraud”

Is this really a problem for people trying to vote?

Yes. It really is.

Creating voter id laws disenfranchise the poor and the elderly. Truly.

I recently had a conversation with my 88 year old grandmother about such voting laws. She no longer drives – a few strokes and interference from her kids and grandkids put an end to this – all should thank us. 🙂 However, she does in fact vote. She’s been voting for nearly 78 years and has plans to vote in the upcoming election. Before I hear the “she’s had a stroke and must be senile” argument to why she shouldn’t vote you should know this:  that woman reads the Des Moines Register from cover to cover everyday! I know this because I pay for her newspaper subscription.

See, Gram lives on a pretty tight and fixed income so she didn’t think she could “splurge” for a daily paper. She was rationing herself to the Sunday paper, and that she borrowed from the retirement community she lives in. When I found out, I called her and said “Gram if you wanted the paper, why didn’t you simply tell someone?” Well asking for handouts or help isn’t Gram’s style. So I quickly fixed that little problem and she now gets the paper everyday. She also likes to do the crosswords and puzzles, and having sat down to do a few myself, I’m comfortable saying she’s a sharp lady. Now before someone comes at this with I doubt she reads it, she does. Often when I call her she wants to talk about politics, what she’s read in the paper, or how her beloved Hawkeyes and Cubbies are doing.

What my Gram doesn’t have is a drivers license. Or a state id. See when Gram quit driving, she quit renewing her license. Why bother if she can’t use it??? As for a picture state id, she says, “Oh Alyssa, I’ve been going to the same stores and the same doctors for nearly 50 years. They know who I am, I don’t need an id.” Well luckily this year, Gram will still get to vote as Iowa hasn’t gone off the rails and begun implementing voter suppression laws.

I imagine there are many “Grams” out there that may not realize their right to vote may be in jeopardy. Spread the word. Take them to get ids. Push back on voter suppression – it’s the wrong way to engage people to vote.

Check this link for voter laws in your state!

Beating to the Drum of Charlie Cook

This has to be one of my favorite political sites.  I can remember reading the predictions in 2006 and feeling the excitement.  I can also remember reading the predictions of the primary and feeling gloom.  Self preservation has a way of kicking in.  My husband is a Republican and works in politics, and his guy didn’t make it.  I remember reading it on the Cook Report thinking this guy better be wrong for once. 

Of course he wasn’t!  But that’s another story! 

I have to say today I’m feeling pretty good about where we are for the upcomming election.  This is an exciting time for me.  I have often felt like I’ve been standing on my soapbox alone, and I probably was.  I have always tried to go vote.  Primary, general, Presidential year, and non-Presidential year.  It is so exciting to see so many people engaged! 

Can I just say I can hardly wait.  Gains in the Senate.  Gains in the House.  And taking back the White House.  I’m not sure it gets much better than that…oh wait it will!  WHEN WE WIN!!! is the best place for your personal blog or business site.