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Tea Party My Ass…
September 12, 2009, 12:50 pm
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I mean really.  What the fuck is this all about?

I didn’t see these fools up in arms when a REPUBLICAN President and a REPUBLICAN Congress were spending like mad and dragging us into expensive wars, did you?!


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Somebody needs to get a bar of soap in their dirty word mouth! Nobody cares what you expect out of life or what you think people should do. Welcome to the land of the free, fighting to remain free.

Comment by hoboduke

Free? Free? You want to talk to me about freedom, party of the Patriot Act?

Spare me your bullshit. You don’t want freedom. You want control. Control of my body. Control of my religion. Control of my ideas. Control of my country. Well you can’t have any of it. The American people spoke last November and you fucking lost. Deal with it.

I’m fine with your protesting, just not with your stupidity.

As for my potty mouth, welcome to the First Amendment. You may have heard of it…it guarantees my right to FREE FUCKING SPEECH! So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Comment by smartandfemale

Geez ‘smartandfemale’, why get your panties in a wad over some one’s opinion? We (conservatives) didn’t lose…EVERYONE lost. You’re so concerned about your ‘body’, ‘religion’, and ‘ideas’ and ‘country’…
I think if you would just stop and consider all the control being taken over in the past 8 months you might realize that it happening faster than you care to admit. As far as the American people ‘speaking’…I think the march on D.C. yesterday is a pretty good example of it…
Hoping you and yours have a great weekend.

Comment by steve

Excuse me? What freedoms have you lost? And again, you all are entitled to protest but I can’t post my opinion on my blog…hahaha. Your hypocricy know no boundaries.

Comment by smartandfemale

Opine and blog away dear…
Oh, my hypocracy does have some small boundaries…and thanks for the entitlement of protesting.

Comment by steve

We were sending letters and calling Rush and bitching and getting really pissed. It has reached a point where everyone can’t take it anymore-Rep/Dem-they all suck.

Comment by 12stepgolf

Well I agree with you to an extent. I applaud the fact that you at lest recognize Republicans are not the “fiscal conservatives” they keep claiming to be.

I also agree that both parties have quite a bit of dead weight they should shed!

Comment by smartandfemale

It’s a creepy thought having control of a body! Not into necrophelia, but it seems the President surrounded himself with a lot of dead heads if not dead bodies. I don’t like smoking a pipe. I do smoke cigars and drink whiskey. I enjoy life in the hobo jungle. Let your hair down and have fun.

Comment by hoboduke

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