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I suppose she’ll get a reality show out of this crap…
May 13, 2009, 2:04 pm
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Miss California…boo hoo….boo hoo…boo hoo…

Those mean and nasty liberals are out to get you aren’t they?  I mean really!  They made you take your clothes off and have pictures taken.  Then they forged your signature saying there were no such photos!  They are a hateful group aren’t they?

I’m so glad Donald Trump came to the rescue!  I mean really, who doesn’t know tasteless if Donald doesn’t?

Interestingly enough I met someone yesterday from the National Family Values something or other and they asked if I’d heard that “Miss California, the girl who spoke up for marriage was getting to keep her title?”  I replied, “Oh, you mean the one who took the naked pictures and lied about it?”  Their reply…”They’ve explained all that, she was young.”

Tell me that’s not a good time.  Who would have thought that the Family Values Anything would defend soft porn?!  What’s not funny about that?  I’m just glad they explained all that.

Now for the record, I support gay marriage.  Do I give a shit if Miss California doesn’t?  NOPE.  Not even one tiny little turd.  Do I care if she takes all her clothes off and has sex with an animal on tape.  NOPE, not one tiny bit.  Do I think that they are attacking her because she is a Republican-NO!!  Get a grip!


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I totally agree. This is way past ridiculous. Isn’t there a Great Depression II–The Empire Strikes Back going on?

Comment by T. Troy Stewart

Indeed. Silliness knows no bounds in the recent “issues” that are coming up… gah.

Comment by phoenixofdiscordia

I see I have some catch up reading to do on here. I thought you had vanished!
I think Miss California is out to lunch, so I haven’t given her opinions that much weight.

Comment by D

Already tired of her!

Comment by Cynthia

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