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Twittering…Let Me Tell You What I Really Think…
March 8, 2009, 6:53 pm
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I am anti-establishment.  I wanted to share that little tid bit before I begin my rant. 

Remember MySpace?  Well I do.  Stupid.  Remember Facebook?  Of course you do, people are still talking about that stupid site!  When my friends start in on how wonderful Facebook is I used to want to scream at them you are in your god damned 30s let it fucking go, now I just feel my brain shut off and my eyes glaze over.

You know what Twitter is…is it the lazy man’s MySpace and Facebook.  This is where every idiot who thinks they are witty and “cool” goes to post.  My husband has Twitter…I personally think he is amusing at times, not as funny or as cool as he thinks he is, but amusing none the less. 

Any way…I just don’t get the fascination.  And I am soooooo sick of reading on CNN, the Times, or the Washington Post about the phenomenon of Twitter.  UGH!


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Yup…. I’m with you. Stupidness. I remember the first time I heard of Twitter. I randomly found it while looking for an accurate Discordian calendar. I happened to find one too…. and have long since stopped going to check it. But yes, Twitter is the new satan of internet fame.

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