Smart Liberal and Female

Yummy with a Capital Y!

So my husband knows I would never cheat on him, but if I ever did (I wouldn’t) or if I wanted to have adulterous lustful thoughts (I’ll cop to those)  they’d definitely include Senator Schumer!  I don’t know what it is about that guy, but for me he is hottie mc hot pants.  Totally does it for me.  And can I just say he looks better and better every day….sigh…

I may be adding to my lustful day dreams though.  I was on the Hill Thursday (ha-sounds pretentious doesn’t it?) and a very attractive man walked past me with quite the charming grin.  I smiled at him, hello any girl would, and thought man he looks familiar!  Well about 2 minutes later and confirmation from a stranger I was right.  It was none other than North Carolina’s Senator Burr.  Now put politics aside for a minute, that guy looks good. Tan.  Fit.  Handsome.  And well…a little bit rogue or naughty… 

Of course I came home and told the hubby I had a new fantasy.  I can’t decide if he’s amused or not.  He counted with I have the same about Nancy Pelosi.  I rolled my eyes and said those fantasies don’t count…I’m sure it involved feces.


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