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What’s Next From the RNC Chairman Candidates???

Well it’s been a good year for the Republican National Committee…or not.  Hahahaha. 

So I posted earlier about the South Carolina Republican Chair , Katon Dawson, belonging to a whites only golf course, resigned from the course, and then decided to run for the Chair of the RNC.  The whole thing to me seemed like well…not a good idea…but this just gets better and better. 

Chip Saltsman (Tennessee Chair running for RNC chair) sent RNC votiing members the parody CD “We Hate the USA” for Christmas.  The cd included the song…Barack the Magic Negro.  Uh…really?  Yes.  And guess what!?  He’s defending his actions.  Hmm…really?  YES!  hahaha.  It’s funny he claims.  Uh…not really!  Well what is funny is that he thinks he’d be a good national party leader! 

And they wonder why they’ve become the party of hatred and fear.  I can’t say that I wonder one little bit.


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Chip Saltman, ein rassistischer Jude; nicht wirklich neu und nicht wirklich interessant

Comment by HaJoWi

Yep – and after all of this they went and nominated Michael Steele. 😉 And Bobby Jindal will likely be a top contender for the presidential mantel in 2012.

…and Barack Obama, despite all the raving of the press, has had a disastrous first month in office – between his fumbling on cabinet nominees and the precipitous drop of the stock market in response to his economic plans.

Comment by Stephen VanNuys

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