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Big Three and the US Senate

Perhaps a more appropriate title should be:  “Two of the Big Three getting  Minuscule Amount of Relief. 

I’m still pretty torn about bailing out the Big Three.  I do think their CEOs should be fired.  So should much of their top managers for that matter.  They’ve done a crap job.  They do not deserve the outrageous amount of pay they get nor their bonuses.  However, I do not think putting 3 million more people into the unemployment line sounds like a good idea. 

I also find the political posturing that is taking place right now to be a lot more than a little sickening!  Seriously.  Other than DeMint (SC-R), which one of the 5 Republicans making waves about the $14 billion auto bail out said one word about the $700 billion Wall Street bailout?!  Did any of them cry out when AIG continued to party on the tax payers dollars…uhhhh…NO!  No they did not.  Bastards.  And does anyone else find it curious the Alabama senators are so adamant about calling off the bailout???  Isn’t it Alabama that has a HUGE Toyota plant?  Just asking!

I also wonder why no one questions blue collar job loss, but a junk bond salesman loses his job and man oh man it’s a big deal. 

Just one of my many angry rants of today.


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The whole thing’s a clusterf*%&@!

Comment by D

Hi Smart, Liberal and Female! Haven’t been to your site in a while so thought I’d see what was on your mind!

Always blaming the Republicans and the CEOs? I find it curious Dems and the media rarely bring up the unions…

No secret that the UAW is holding their employers financial hostage (and by default, the country).

And it’s no shock that unions are going to lambaste the Republicans and favor the Democrat party. The Democrats enable the unions to financially hold the auto industry hostage while the Republicans feel that enough is enough with these unions. The auto industry isn’t failing because of bad leadership. It’s failing because it can’t make a profit while paying all these union full-pensions and ridiculous benefits. I applaud the Republican minority for standing up for what’s right.

Why is it that the Republicans are being demonized as the ones torpedoing this bailout? How about exploring the root cause, which is the UAW that won’t budge an inch. If the auto industry fails, it won’t be the Republican Party’s fault. It will be the unions.

On the other side of the aisle, the Democrats are nothing but paid accomplices. They’re not standing for principle. They’re standing to make a buck or a million. This year the UAW gave $1.9 million to Democrats but only $11,500 to Republicans. Why? Because they knew that the Democrats don’t have a conscience and would support the highest bidder in this battle.


Comment by crowdedhours

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