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DC Mayor Gets the Finger…AGAIN!

DC Mayor, Adrian Fenty, and the DC City Council passed a law allowing bars to stay open later during the week of Inauguration.  Apparently Congress can strike down their laws.  Okay, I know DC is special, but this is some bullshit if you ask me.  Seriously, any other city in this country would just do it and it’d be done.  Not DC.  Oh, no.  They have to ask Congress.  No wonder DC is so messed up!

Now this story gets better.  Senator Feinstein (California Democrat) and Senator Bennett (Utah Republican) have sent Mayor Fenty a letter requesting he not allow this to happen.  I’m sorry but since when does a Senator from California or a Senator from Utah know what’s better for the District of Columbia than the damn MAYOR OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA???

And do Senator Feinstein and Senator Bennett not have better things to do with their time?!?  What time bars close in DC is really that pressing?  I mean it’s not like we’re in economic recession right?  It’s not like we’re at war….with TWO countries, right?  It’s not like Americans aren’t losing their homes, right?!  It’s not like we have people who are sick and don’t have health care, right?  It’s not like people go hungry in this country, right?!  These two jokers are “concerned” with what time bars close in DC! 

Screw them and this posturing bullshit.  If they can’t find better things to do with their time they should both resign in shame!


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I wonder how you really feel about it. Actually, I use to frequent D.C. clubs quite often. However, I plan on staying the hell away from the city in the weekend leading up to the inauguration. The town is going to be packed!!

Comment by D

[…] Says blogger, “Screw them and this posturing bullshit. If they can’t find better things to do with their time they should both resign in shame!” […]

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