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After Three Days of Rioting…
December 8, 2008, 9:03 pm
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So anyone else wonder what the Hell is going on in Greece?  For the two days I’ve seen the headlines about rioters in Greece, but I’ve just skipped over and moved on to what I thought was more interesting.  Then tonight I saw “Rioting Rages in Greece for Third Day,” and I thought WTF!  So naturally I clicked the link, which led me to this post.

Okay, they seriously know how to protest in Europe.  This 3 day long riot in Greece is beginning to rival the French.  And man they are no slouches at rioting! 

Allegedly some teens attacked a patrol car.  The officer fired shots.  A boy about 15 years old was killed.  Then the mayhem began.  Three government offices have been torched.  They also set fire to three political offices.  But hey, we’re not done yet…oh no…they are just getting started.  In the last three days 35 cars and over 100 trash cans have also been set on fire!

How long before this craziness is over?


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Yeah, we’re a bit different here in the States when it comes to rioting. I mean, yes, sure there’s the violence and all but it only lasts for so long before we smash into store windows and help ourselves to some merchandise.

Comment by D

Oh, they’ve been doing their fair share of looting in Greece too.

Greece has a history of rebellion and resistance. They had a US-propped dictatorship in the 70’s, they have fresh memories of the true face of the state, and they have a strong, well rooted Anarchist movement, based in the ideals of that 19th century theory that people should own land and resources collectively, and that we should run our own lives and communities instead of deferring that responsibility to political puppets.

Many of the anarchists in Greece are of the insurrectionary variety; that is, they want to take down capitalism and the state, rather than simply organize in the shadow of it.

Comment by Coyote

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