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Georgia Polls Close
December 2, 2008, 7:20 pm
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Hopefully it won’t take long to see some results.  I’ve got my fingers crossed that Jim Martin is the next Senator to represent the State of Georgia.  I for one will throw a party if Saxby Chambliss is the next Republican casualty.

This outcome of this seat will tell if the Democrats will get their much needed and wanted 60 seat majority.  Now if someone would just give me some damn numbers, I’d be a happy camper right now.

Updates…well maybe I should have kept my mouth shut.  We are getting smoked in Georgia right now.  Only 9% is in, but if this keeps up I’m going to bed one sad puppy.  The link below will take you to resuts.


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this shows once for all that the republicans still wanna cause political rancor.the republicans wanna cause problems with the democratic party,then here is obama saying he wants unity within both partys.obama is stupid if he thinks republicans are gonna side with him on most of the bills he wants pass in congress,especially if the republicans are gonna cause filibusters,because the rich and powerfull have there lobbyist on the capitol are giving money to the republicans and making sure they block bills in congress that benefit the american people.the republicans still wanna gain power,they still wanna keep passing bills on congress that keep making the rich richer,and the poor,poorer and its no wonder this country is over 60 trillion in debt when you add social security,pension,medicaire and medicaid pension trust funds and usa debt load.then 4.8 trillion in tax cuts given to the wealthy,and including the war supplementals for that stupid war in iraq that we were lied about.then the rich and powerfull wiped out 60 trillion dollars on wall street with the financial crisis.

Comment by charles

What a Sad Day for Georgia Won’t it be GREAT when we evolve past the stagnation of our Bigotry and illiterate prejudice!

Comment by Brunswick

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