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What’s Next for India and Pakistan?
November 30, 2008, 7:12 pm
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Where do they go from here?  To say that relations between these two countries has been strained before the terrorist attacks may be an understatement.  Now with the investigation underway and signs pointing to Pakistan, relations very well may end an already fragile truce.  Is there any hope for any semblance of diplomacy and peace between these two nuclear nations?

I’m wondering how we as Americans can convince the Indian government not to retaliate.  Shortly after 9/11 we launched an attack on Afghanistan.  Think about it.  The terrorists had links to Afghanistan, they didn’t necessarily represent Afghanistan…so we declared war.  Now I’m not saying we were wrong to go after Al Queda and Bin Laden, but isn’t this pretty damn close to the same thing?  The terrorists (hopefully) do not represent Pakistan, but have a link.  How do we ask the Indian government not to declare war on Pakistan? 

In addition, we’ve also been flying planes over Pakistan dropping bombs on terrorist camps.  So again, how do we ask the Indians to exercise any form of restraint?  Would that make us the ultimate hypocrite?


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The next step seems very clear.Pakistan should be pressured by USA to clean out LeT and JeM from their soil.

Comment by kuku1

I agree pressure needs to be applied to Pakistan, but I am hopeful it comes on a global front rather than just the US. I’m just not sure how they go about doing it!

Comment by smartandfemale

No one is for certain as to whom the terrorists belong. I can’t really speak to it until then.

Comment by D

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