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Who Says Capitalism and Democracy Don’t Go Hand in Hand?
November 28, 2008, 4:09 pm
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With Inauguration looming, the locals are salivating.  Homes are being offered to rent at exorbitant prices.  The New York Times expects 1 million people to descend upon DC like locusts with only approximately 95,000 hotel rooms…you do the math.  I’ve actually heard we may have more like 4 million visitors hoping to get a peek of the parade or event. 

I’ll admit we are contemplating it ourselves.  We figure we could rent our 2 bedroom condo in Northern Virginia for a good $3,000 a night for a minimum of 3 nights.  It doesn’t seem right to have Inauguration be all about the Benjamins, but hey, that money could be a much needed vacation for my family or pay off some credit card debt!

I’ll also admit that I’ve written for tickets.  And you can bet your sweet ass if I happen to be a lucky ducky that is picked to received them, they’ll be up on EBay faster than you can say show me the money. 

I’m an Obama supporter, and I’d love to see this historic event, but the money would do far more for my family!  We’ll watch on tv with the rest of the “common” folk!


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