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Terrorist Attacks in India, Not Over Yet.
November 28, 2008, 3:37 pm
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News sources are releasing 160 people have been murdered and over 300 are wounded.  A gunman is still holed up at the Taj Mahal Hotel.  The terrorists appear to have been not only well armed and well trained, but highly prepared.  They were highly familiar with the layout of the hotels and had set up control stations within to launch their deadly attacks.  Indian government sources have indicated there terrorists have ties to Pakistan. 

It is still unclear who is responsible for the attacks, or why they occurred.  Deccan Mujahideen has taken credit for the attacks, but little to nothing is known about this group. 

I’m not sure what they hoped to accomplish.  If they were seeking a name and reputation as animals they’ve certainly succeeded.  If this group does indeed have ties to Pakistan, this will not improve already strained relations between Europe and the United States.


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One Israeli site states that a second brief terror assault occurred at the railway station today, so there is reason to believe some terrorists are outside the Taj and potentially active. Also that a sixth murdered Israeli victim was found at Chabad House during the room-by-room clean-up operation.
A US counter-terror site said Indian intel believes as many as half a dozen terrorists, not just one, are still in the Taj, and that explosives inside the hotel have been spotted by commandos.

Comment by Pam

This is pretty terrible. I recently read in another blog this attack reminds them of 9/11. It really makes you wonder what the world is coming to.

Comment by smartandfemale

elections should be avoided and boycotted. why should we vote for these politicians who at such a time when the country should be united, are giving senseless speeches trying to increase their vote banks. Why should we support them who take their positions for granted and their citizens for granted. Why should we lay down our lives so that these people can sleep in peace. I strongly feel we should not vote untill these politicians take some firm action for the security of the citizens. Our true heroes remain who are common people and the security forces. We are proud of them. And those who lost their lives, may their souls rest in peace and give their family the strength to fight back.

Comment by Kate

Isn’t it time to cut the crap and hook into the cause instead of trying to treat the complaint?
Islam and Muslims are the cause, so root them out of every country in which they are causing turmoil, burn their bloody mosques and send them packing to their own islamic country.
The crap of the politically correct and the chicken livered do-gooders is well down the road couldn’t possibto destroying our world.
As for the terrorists themselves… drag them out into the street and shoot them.
But of course that is all preposterous. We couldn’t possibly do that could we?
Well if you haven’t got the balls to be positive about the problem, then just display white flags everywhere, buy a prayer mat and get the women in full burkhas, and stop bloody whinging. You brought it all on yourselves.
Tolerating ourselves into oblivion.
And look how well the wankers in government in Australia are doing at just that.

Comment by Wobblyone

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post the comment above. It seemed a little rife with racism, religious hatred, and well just plain hatred in general.

First of all, I think we can all agree that terrorists should be hunted to the ends of the earth and brought to trial. I don’t believe in capital punishment, so I say life in prison for them.

If we say all Muslims we are no better than they are. Do we persecute all Christians for Christian extremism? If a Christian commits a crime, do we kill all Christians? If an American commits a crime, do we advocate killing all Americans? If a (insert any nationality, race, religion here) do we kill all (again insert what you’ve inserted before here)?

I want to reiterate that if we go down that road we are no better than they are. We live in a great nation that allows for freedom from religious persecution.

As for having the balls, uh…sorry I’m lacking that body part, but I’m okay with that too. I think you’ll find there are many of us with and without balls that feel our time in the military was doing something about it. We provide you with the blanket of freedom to be ignorant. And yes, in case that was not direct enough, I just called you ignorant.

I’ll keep my white flag, and hope my country keeps using all diplomatic efforts in the future. I’ll also pass on the burkah. I like my blue jeans and tees just fine thanks.

Comment by smartandfemale

Wonderful to see that I prompted the classic response of the politically correct.
Because I’m ignorant, I say “do something about it”…. and because you are such an enlightened being, you say, “let’s wave a white flag and display tolerance to the death”.
Tolerance is the tool of those who are totally devoid of beliefs or conviction.
Now Madam Editor, will you print this?

Comment by Wobblyone

I wanted to comment about the horrible and biased reporting of Tony Harris during this harrowing time. He was self absorbed and focusing on trying to find all the negatives about the selfless service the commandos and others were providing….even while the standoff was still going on. I am outaged that CNN let him go on and on….It is easy to sit in ones ivory tower and pass judgement…when one is not directly in the line of fire. Imagine a newschannel criticising the emergency and relief services during 911. There was an outpouring of support from the world media for the US and that is what you would expect in this situation for India as well. I hope CNN realizes that if it wants to be viewed as an unbiased newsservice across the world….you need to get journalists that come across as genuine and intelligent…Tony Harris is far from that

Comment by Pochappan

Indian intelligence is so super intelligent that within hours of Mumbai seige they knew who was behind that, I think FBI, Scotland Yard and other intelligent agency should hire indian intelligence officiers. Konowing the history of indians skill for lying I believe they knew that even before the attack. Further, in all such attacks all the terrorist got killed and no arrest, this is really very strange, and in almost all such attacks they found live bombs which they defused, I wonder what a conincidence. I recommend they should now device a new plan for blaming other country and do the investigation.

Comment by friend

This shit is… well, shit. As for asll the … needlessly negative comments, well, let me just say, I agree with our gracious host. White flag to death? Not quite, but Islam is not the cause of terrorism, no more than Christianity was a cause for the Crusades. It was an excuse, a convenient tool, used as a disgrace to itself and to all religions, because if one can be used in such away all can. It is extremely flawed logic to use the actions of comparitively few people to generalize. We should all know this.

Diplomatic means are far better than going into genocide. You sound like you’ve been taking lessons from old Adolf, there bub.

Comment by phoenixofdiscordia

So, I did a little more about this topic on my blog, go ahead and visit if you like.

Comment by phoenixofdiscordia

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