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Arrrr…say the Pirates
November 28, 2008, 5:11 pm
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Apparently they are saying a lot more than just that.  Show me the money comes to mind.  The pirates have siphoned around $275 million in the last three years in ransom money. 

Pirates have apparently taken control of a chemical ship flying the Liberian flag.  Three British security guards apparently jumped ship after attempting to ward off the pirates.  This year over 100 ships attacks have been launched and nearly 40 have been taken.

This too just gets better and better.  And what point will the world say enough is enough?  The weapons ship bound for Kenya is still being held for ransom, as is the Saudi oil tanker holding $100 million in oil.


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Maybe its just me but maybe we need to go back to the days of piracy and start having ship hire people to drive off pirates. You can’t tell me that a ship with $100 million in oil isn’t worth the cost of protecting. Either that or start doing Torjan Horses loaded with soldiers rather than goods. As long as they are able to continue this they arn’t going to stop. And while fighting isn’t the best answer its the best I can think of at this time.

Comment by Josh

I don’t get it…so many ships taken yet the world press doesn’t follow the story closely. Google to show us where the ships are being held…go in and get them with UN forces or others. These punks need to be stopped.

Comment by casher

I know! It seems nuts doesn’t it? It also seems crazy to me that we don’t have vatious countries post ships to ensure safe passage. Pretty soon ships carrying cargo will have to hire armed guards to escort them around the horn of Africa.

Comment by smartandfemale

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