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Franken Loses Critical Ruling
November 26, 2008, 1:23 pm
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Today Minnesota’s Canvassing Board denied Al Franken’s request to include 12,000 absentee ballots in the current recount.  These ballots apparently are being discounted due to technicalities.  Minnesota law requires they not be counted.  The Franken Campaign is still hopeful that up to 6,400 ballot may have been mistakenly thrown out.  It is unknown whether the ballots will be looked at again to ensure valid ballots are counted.

This is not good news for Team Franken.  However, with approximately 80% of the vote counted, 3594 ballots are being challenged by both sides.  Team Coleman is challenging 1836 and Team Franken is challenging 1758.

Damn it.  I can’t say I’m thrilled with Minnesota’s voting laws right now.  I also can’t say I’m thrilled with the idea of keeping Norm the Worm Coleman in the Senate for another 6 years.


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Comment by newrepublican

Don’t get too upset yet…the canvassing board had to come to that ruling. In fact, the decision was unanimous. The ruling was on just whether the rejected ballots were to be counted in the recount process currently taking place. There is no way in hell that legitimate ballots rejected by government officials due to administrative or clerical errors will not be counted. I guarantee, if they were rejected inappropriately, they will be counted. It will be impossible to disenfrancise legitimate voters. It will just have to be decided by a court, rather than the canvassing board…meaning, this goes on until January, probably. Hopefully, the inappropriately rejected absentee ballots are enough to push Franken on top.

Comment by liberalrag

I guess this is reminiscent of 2000, the republicans will steal another election. Not allowing ballots to be counted is unfair and dirty and they know it.

Comment by SN

Whatever happen to the ALL VOTES MUST BE COUNTED??? We live in a supposedly DEMOCRATIC country but it seems like we’re NOT!!!
I’m from CA and we fight all the way to get Democracy going. If the right decision is not made, It’s very shameful for the people of Minnesota. Whoever gets the most votes should win the Senate Seat without influence from both party or cheating!!! GOD knows who does the CHEATING!!!

Comment by Arnie

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