Smart Liberal and Female

Want to Tee Off…Only if you are White!

The South Carolina Republican State Chair, Katon Dawson, has announced his bid to become the next Chair of the Republican National Committee.  Interestingly enough he belonged to a “whites only” golf club for years.  How long ago did he relinquish his membership?  Uh…two months ago!  When did he begin championing letting “people of color” in?  Uh…three months ago!  His spokesman Rob Godfrey, called this “gotcha” style Washington politics.  Uh, sure, If that’s what you want to call it….

Interestingly enough one of his opponents, Michael Steele, wouldn’t be allowed on the green.  This is a good time.  If this is where the RNC and the Republican Party wants to go…I say let them!  I also say 2010 is looking better and better for the Democrats! 

On a side note, where the Hell do these Republicans get their names?  I thought Saxby Chambliss was bad, now we get to read about Katon Dawson?  And they say my people are elitists…hahahaha


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