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This Spells Disaster…
November 23, 2008, 11:14 am
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Somali militants are headed to the central Somali coastal town of Harardhere this weekend to rescue the Saudi oil tanker pirates captured a week ago.

Apparently because it was taken from a Muslim country it shouldn’t have been taken…  Anyone else see anything wrong with this? 

I have a feeling this could go from bad to worse.


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Can’t say that I’m surprised.

Comment by D

The ship was hijacked just after the full moon. Thanksgiving this Thursday will be a new moon and dark sky. A power outage onshore will probably occur. Sound from helicopters will be used as a diversion. The crew will likely die in any assault.
The militants don’t have the tactical assets necessary for a successful assault. The hull of the tanker may be mined at the waterline.

Comment by Daniel

Lets just register all of our ships in Saudia Arabia. Then we can have the stupid extremists defend all our ships.

Comment by oxbobend

I know! Isn’t that crazy. It’s wrong to steal…but only if you share religious views. A whole lot of crazy going on in Somalia right now.

Although, I’m not certain I’d want militants anywhere near me and ship with 100 million gallons of oil!

Comment by smartandfemale

I definitely see a problem. The pirates own all the boats. I hope those “virtuous” militants know how to swim.

Comment by medic1413

Hmmm…more political crap.

Comment by Joe

Lets hope this doesn’t turn into another Exxon Valdez…..

Comment by Retired LE

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