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Mitt Romney…

Now, I want to start by saying I do not agree with most of what Mitt Romney has to say.  I was very disappointed to see him change the pro-choice stance that enabled him to be elected as a Republican in the State of Massachusetts.  However, I have never understood why the right cannibalized him.  As the primary went on I even began to feel sorry for the guy.

I also wondered why Republicans weren’t seeing what I was seeing. Here’s a guy that has a pretty good record fiscally and knows how to run a successful business.  According to the Republican Party, he should be their guy.  Instead they keep picking fiscally “unstable” jerks.  George W. Bush never ran a company successfully in fact he pretty much bankrupted much of what he was involved with.  And look what he did to the country.  Then the primary closes with old man McCain who admits he doesn’t understand the economy.  Then he picks Crazy Palin who can’t even complete a sentence.

Why didn’t he pick Romney?  He’s young.  Attractive (yes for all his conservative crap the guy is attractive).  He’s got a nice family.  He’s successful.  He’s been a moderate before…perhaps he can find his way back to the middle. 

Oh yeah…he’s a Mormon.  I truly believe if he’s been a Protestant or a Catholic he’d have been their guy, and we’d have had a completely different race.  Personally, I could care less about the guy’s religion, but that’s just me. 

I’ll be curious to see if the Right sees right and Mitt Romney is their guy in 2012.


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Excellent post! Have to agree that given the economic conditions facing the nation that the Republicans should have tapped Mr. Romney. Personally, I believe he has the same right stuff as former President Ronald Reagan who was overlooked in 1976, but came back even stronger four years later…

Comment by oo12oo

Great site! As a conservative, I was fairly disappointed by all of our side’s choices for a candidate. I will say though, that Mitt was a great choice for all the reasons you cite above. He is a much more aggressive, articulate and fiscally responsible choice that McCain. I can’t honestly explain why McCain won the nomination but so goes the pendulum. My party, the GOP, needs to get back to basics as the Dems did this cycle. Having said that, I wish nothing but success for Obama because if he does well, we all will. But we’ll be keeping an eye on him! 🙂

Comment by crowdedhours

Wow. Thanks.

I’ll admit watching the Republican Primary unfold I was very worried about the Romney factor. I kept telling my husband (a Republican) that if he wasn’t a Mormon things would be very different.

I also think the other candidates running must have been concerned as well, because they attacked him like a group of piranahs.

Comment by smartandfemale

Smartandfemale, do you think if Mitt and Obama had been pitted against each other this election would have turned out differently?

Comment by crowdedhours

Hmmm…if Mitt Romney had been the nominee would the election been different? Or I guess, would the outcome have been different?

That’s a tough one. I definitely think the election cycle or race would have been different. First off, the Republican Party would have had someone who “gets” the economy to rally around. Second, the idea of being a “Real” American would have never been on the table. Third, the Palin factor and the near Nazi-like crowds would have never happened. Fourth, the experience “issue”, would have been a real issue. It was hard for the McCain Team to attack Obama on experience when Sarah’s more Barbie than VP material. Fifth issue…McCain has been a huge supporter of deregulation, which I believe in-part led us to the failing economy.

Would have the result been different? I don’t know. I think the race would have been closer, but I do believe Obama would still have been elected. I do wonder though if the fallout in the House and Senate would have been different. I still think it would be very hard for a Republican to be elected in 2008. We have a failing economy. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been raging for nearly 7 years now, and there is no real end in sight. Then factor in George W. Bush’s approval ratings…

Now factor in Barack Obama. He’s young. Relatively untainted. He’s a fantastic speaker. He campaigned on change and hope, pretty powerful message for many Americans who are feeling disenfranchised and hopeless. He’s African American. Now I’m sure that will piss some people off, but it’s true. I am in no way saying that is the only reason or the major reason he was elected, but it definitely played a part in his election. He also ran one Hell of a campaign.

As for the Republican Party, they’ve got some tough choices to make. In my mind they’ve been hijacked by a not so Christian group of “Christians”. And if they’re not running the show, they are sure shouting the loudest. I think the Republican Party has some soul searching to do. What is more important, social conservatism or fiscal conservatism? What’s their message? And even if social conservatism is important, does it really mean intolerance?

Just my thoughts…the real question is, what do you think?

Comment by smartandfemale

Oh, and leave a link to your site. I’ll check it out and leave you a comment as well. I’m pretty sure we all love real discussion. Even when we don’t always agree.

Comment by smartandfemale

Well, I agree the race would have been different however, I think it would have had more of a 2000-like razor thin margin of victory. Yes, Republicans have had a hard time in 08 and rightfully so. We’ve earned that unfortunately. But, as with all things, there are two sides to the story. Not having a clear mission in Iraq and Afganistan from the beginning was a huge blunder. Not being attacked by terrorists since 9/11 and keeping the terrorists off-balance is, I think anyone would agree, a huge win, which Bush should reap credit for… but the media most likely will do their best to prevent that.

The financial meltdown also is a huge failure. But I’d remind folks that Congress has much more culpability in that mess than Bush – particularly Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. However, Bush failed the conservative movement by raising spending to never before seen heights with no real oversight. Just like there are no atheists in a foxhole, there are no libertarians in a financial meltdown. As much as I’d like to see the market correct itself on its own, this is too big to risk it. We simply must have the government intervene here, which again is a failure by Bush and my party to have allowed such a terrible meltdown.

Finally, I agree with you that the GOP needs to do some soul searching. I agree that the Christian Coalition has a strong foothold in the party and that’s a bad thing. Not because Christianity is bad… far from it. But because any political party in this nation should be as far away from being partnered with any religion. The GOP isn’t here to push a religious agenda. You want moral clarity? Try the clergy. It’s there job. You want fiscal responsibility, easy commerce and safe borders? Try a politician. That’s their job.

But here’s where I think you and I start to part ways… Barack shouldn’t be hailed because he’s fresh, young, untainted and a fantastic speaker. He should be hailed because the nation felt his policies are the shortest path to recovery and restoration. I worry most who voted for him, if they were truly honest with themselves, would admit they voted for the shiny exterior, rather than the substance behind the façade. I don’t agree with his policies and that’s why I didn’t vote for him and why I’ll keep an eye on him. I feel he really believes in the redistribution of wealth – the antithesis to a healthy democracy and free market society. I also don’t feel Barack ran a particularly great campaign. He won a race that he should have won. The incumbent President had an approval rating almost in the teens. And the opposing candidate couldn’t find his message and couldn’t deliver it effectively. I think Barack won by not losing, if that can be said.

On the other hand I feel he will help race relations. He is in a position of great power now and must call on everyone to rise up against leaders in their own communities whose only goal is to keep their seat of influence stay in the spotlight as race baiters (ie: Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Rev. Wright, etc).

The only question I have is, why is it almost every Democrat can’t say or write more than three paragraphs about Republicans without calling them a Nazi or some other personal epithet? I was always taught that if you have to resort to name calling, your argument is weak.

Thanks for the time to read my comments… I do enjoy your blog. I’m at Have a good one.

Comment by crowdedhours

Well…I guess I would say when you gather crowds like Sarah Palin did that shout hateful racist things and suggest lynchinig and killing a candidate Nazism comes to my mind. You’ll notice I was very careful to link that directly to Sarah Palin…not Romney. I honestly think McCain is not in support of such behavior, but I felt at times he didn’t do enough to stop it. For example, when a woman in the audience said she heard Obama was an Arab…McCain said no he’s not, he’s a good person. How about something like, he isn’t, but Arabs are not bad people? Or he’s not. And we shouldn’t generalize a whole group of people based on a terrorist cell.

I would flip the coin and ask you, why do Republicans use words like “Real American”? Or socialist…or communist…or unpatriotic?

I also think if you reread what I wrote I didn’t say I find Obama great because he’s young and a good speaker. Those are characteristics about him that did draw many, I agree. I actually voted for Clinton in the primary, but Obama won me over later. I personally voted for him because I felt he had a far better grasp on what many Americans were facing. And that he would be a much calmer, cooler head when dealing with foreign issues. Did I enjoy listening to him speak, yes I certainly did. I felt many of his speaches were well thought out and spoke to me.

As for his campaign…I don’t think you are giving him enough credit. He ran a tight ship. Stayed on message. And took down the Clinton political machine. Even my husband, who has worked campaigns and is a hard core Republican, thinks the Obama-Biden campaign was well run. You have to give them credit for their fundraising ability and their innovative uses of technology.

Comment by smartandfemale

I would argue that you’re guilty of the very thing you want the right to not do to Obama… “we shouldn’t generalize a whole group of people…” How about not generalizing Republicans with a knee jerk reactionary and incindiary comment of “Nazi?” Yes, I also heard that there were a handful of people at rallies that called Obama awful names. And as you stated, McCain did denounce them publically… and in the national debates. And when he asked Obama in those debates to denounce people on the left who were disrepectful and hateful, Obama was silent. When a couple nut jobs in LA hung a Sarah Palin mannequin on Halloween, where was Obama? I mean, all he had to say was, “Look folks. As an African-American, lynching is a sensitive subject to me. Let’s not act like this.” And when Sandra Bernhard said publically that Sarah Palin should be “gang raped” where was Obama and the left on that? And when voters in San Francisco tried to name a sewer plant in “honor” of a sitting President, where was Obama on that?

I don’t want to get into one of those infamous blog arguments. I actually want to work to rise above this type of nonsense. It does no good and hurts the nation. But I do need to point out the hypocrisy of the left and their bedfellows in the media. I do think you have salient points. But please, do you really want to argue who is the nastiest, most disrespectful side of the aisle? I could actually make an argument (albeit not a strong one, but an argument nonetheless) that when the left bashes every single thing the Commander in Chief does during two wars in order to forward their own political return to power, that that’s unpatriotic. The left, however, doesn’t even use logic when they attack as a general rule. It’s just hatred and emotion. No rational, just blind hatred. And that does your side an incredible disservice. The Democratic party has such a storied history of accomplishment. We should all try to raise the intellectual dialogue and lower the emotionally charged rhetoric. We’re all in this together. That’s all I’m saying.

When I re-read your statement, I didn’t see any reason as to why you voted for Obama regarding his policies. I just saw, “He’s young. Relatively untainted. He’s a fantastic speaker. He campaigned on change and hope, pretty powerful message for many Americans who are feeling disenfranchised and hopeless. He’s African American. Now I’m sure that will piss some people off, but it’s true. I am in no way saying that is the only reason or the major reason he was elected, but it definitely played a part in his election. He also ran one Hell of a campaign.” I don’t see any programs or policies there so that’s why I was confused. I do hope you voted because of specific things you felt he would do, and not as so many I’ve spoken with who can’t pinpoint why they like him…

Finally, yes, I agree Obama ran a tight ship. He did run a good campaign. And I will agree with you that taking down the Clinton juggernaut is an impressive accomplishment. I guess I didn’t really think of that. But beating McCain wasn’t exactly a staggering uphill battle… not with this outgoing President, econonmy and global crises.

You write a good blog and I think you display a passion for what you believe in. That’s fantastic! Thank you for being respectful in your tone and replying to my thoughts. Maybe the country isn’t as lost as I think. Have a good night,


Comment by crowdedhours

I in no way intended to imply all Republicans are racist or Nazi. I simply stated that the Palin rallies at times were. I’m sure we could both toss out names of crazies…Jerry Fallwell, Ann Coulter, Pat Robertson, James Dobson, Michelle Bachmann or I’ll even give you a few crazies from my party…Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Dennis Kucinich (although he’s not really hateful just a little nut-haha come on that was funny). The point I tried to make, that I clearly didn’t make, was that I felt she kicked it off. Remember the I’m in “Real” America speech? Or the Obama palls around with terrorists, which to many of us was a gross exaggeration.

I do not remember Senator McCain asking for Obama to discredit people calling him or Palin names. I do remember him asking Obama to discredit ACORN. Now, I know ACORN has had its troubles, but it has also done some good things. Do I think some of their workers were lazy and stupid and perhaps even over zealous…yes, yes I do. I also remember McCain asking about William Ayers, and Obama clearly stated he did not condone any form of terrorism. So I’m unclear as to what you are referring to.

I also find it ironic that the “left” is criticized for criticizing the President regarding two wars. I would counter with: what was the “right” then during the Clinton Administration’s involvement in Yugoslavia?

I also find it ironic that you claim I am over-generalizing the right while making statements like the following. “The left, however, doesn’t even use logic when they attack as a general rule. It’s just hatred and emotion. No rational, just blind hatred.”

That statement appears to me to be a little inflammatory. Now, do I at times get hateful? You bet I do. Do I at times get irrational? Yep, sure do. Do I ever get emotional? Uh, yeah about once a month more so than other times! Am I always hateful and emotional when I attack, nope. I think I’m pretty rational and logical right now. I don’t mind that you feel the way you do. Everyone is entitled to their opinion; I just don’t enjoy the hypocrisy of it. And to be honest, I’m not sure I ever feel just blind hatred. And I’m pretty sure when Obama attacked John McCain on deregulation it was more logic than blind hate, but I could be wrong.

As for why I voted for Barack Obama, well there are many reasons. I would like to see an end to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. I’ll admit I never agreed with going into Iraq. Afghanistan I got, Iraq not so much. I’m not naïve enough to believe we can just pull out, but I would like to see some goals set and tentative timelines. I’m also pro-choice and pro birth control. I never want to see my choices as a woman taken away. I believe strongly in funding public schools. That’s where I got my education and my daughter is now. Without funding schools lose PE, Music, Band, Counselors, Computers, and Art. I know this first hand, my daughter was in a California public school last year, it was HORRIBLE!! I don’t care if gays want to marry. I say, if they want to make it legal, more power to them. I believe in health care for everyone. I’ve been without, tried to buy it, and was refused. It’s not a good place to be. I also believe in lower and middle income tax cuts. I don’t think just because you make a crap ton of money you shouldn’t have to pay your taxes. I hope one day I make a crap ton of money and can pay a crap ton of taxes myself. It’s the right thing to do, just ask Warren Buffett. I believe in global warming. I don’t believe in drilling for more oil, I believe in finding alternative means of energy. So I’m comfortable I voted for the right guy, even if he is left.

Comment by smartandfemale

Right on, smartandfemale. Tell it like it is.

As for Mitt Romney. Meh, he shoulda been the GOP’s guy. I don’t agree with his policies, and I don’t think he would have won. And I can’t say for certain that the Sarah Palin nonsense wouldn’t have come up in any event either.

However, I do think it would have been a much different race.

Comment by phoenixofdiscordia

I agree with your sentiments. Both sides can over generalize and both sides display hypocrisy of dizzying proportions. At the end of the day, there are many distinct views on how to move the country forward. I am glad, however, that at least there are a few folks left in the country that can have such differing views, yet hold and share those views with decorum and respect. Although I feel I’ve seen more rhetoric than rational thought from the left the last 8 years, you would undoubtedly feel the opposite. If you were happy with Sarah Palin’s campaign speeches, then it wouldn’t be much of a race, would it? Alas, politics is still the best form of free entertainment around.

Have a good one!

Comment by crowdedhours

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