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Congresswoman Bachmann YOU ARE A LIAR

Okay.  She’s either a serial liar or on serious drugs.  Congresswoman Crazy Ass Bachmann is again saying she didn’t say what she said she’d apologize for, but never did.

Anyone else confused?  Here’s a highlight. 

1.  She calls on the media to investigate the Anti-American Congressional Members.  Also says Obama is a leftist liberal Anti-American himself. 

2.  Says she didn’t say it.

3.  Then she says she’s going to apologize.

4.  Runs and ad, that’s right an AD instead. 

5.  Never apologizes.

6.  Now claims it’s an urban legend and that it was taken out of context.

You know what I say to that?!  LIAR.  Complete and total LIAR.  And hey, Congresswoman Bachmann…there’s video of you saying it….  So you are either stupid, drugged, or just a LIAR.  Maybe a combination of the three???  I can’t believe Minnesotans would vote for her.  I’m embarassed for you.


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Wow, can she make up her mind already…why apologize for something she said she didn’t say?!

Comment by oo12oo

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