Smart Liberal and Female

Secretary of State…

Man.  This appointment has gotten a ton of press.  Perhaps due to the facination with all things Obama, and perhaps due to the players being considered.  Hillary Clinton, Bill Richardson, and John Kerry…none of these players are small potatoes. 

Interestingly enough I was just talking about the HRC accepting the position.  Three of the women at my table were pretty sure she’d take the position, I was pretty unsure.  I just don’t see what it does for her.  She gets to be Hillary in the Senate, as Sec of State she’s Obama’s point man…or woman in this case.  Not to mention health care may be on the table soon, and I would think she’d want a piece of that. 

Now I’m a big HRC fan, so I’ll be happy regardless…but I’m guessing no at this point.  If I’m wrong, I’m sure someone will be so kind as to point it out for me!


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